Is it safe to take 400 mg, 300, 200, 100 mg dose of modafinil in one day?

 I know people with narcolepsy that don't need that (400 mg) much.


I was prescribed it for Shift Work Sleeping Disorder, and it worked AMAZING!!!! Truly like the "Limitless" pill. I did EVERYTHING from start up a home based business on the side to have 2 children with my wife of 20 years! I had never felt more alive or better, until 3 days after my 40th B-day waking up in an Ambulance after having a Grand Mal Seizure... I quite the Modafinil immediately, but 3 years later still suffer from the Epilepsy... I probably took around 200-300mg a day, but there were quite a few occassions that I took 400 in a day.


No. Less is more don't abuse yourself. The s isomer of the racemic mix oxidizes the active r isomer faster oxidation is toxic.


I have done it once, not the best feeling. A hundred with low tolerance it's way better


I take half a pill at three days a week for a year in half now works wonders I don’t like it at higher doses than half a pill.


I have been taking 200mg a day in the morning and still tired in the afternoon, severe sleep apnea! would cycling between provigil and nuvigil help the Tolerance? What about Adderall?


Get CPAP its much more effective and modafanil will not save your heart and brain from the massive stress being placed on your circulatory system. I finally got apnea figured out this year it took four neurologists five sleep studies and a year and a half searching for answers but I wound up with twenty pounds less lead in my brain, alertness, reduced chronic migraine and fatigue plus sleep meds, a scrip for armo plus a great doc that loves that I'm well read and highly informed by my biohacking ways he even handed me a scrip for selegiline because he figures it's safer than importing because it's available in the states plus I'm showing signs of developing Parkinson's from acting out my dreams it's a nerve under the chin that shuts down your brains access to your muscles and is mainly powered by dopamine. It's much better to get it all checked out it may be serious.


 I will occasionally take 400mg, and it works far better for me, but my neurochemistry is probably different from most who advise against it


 I take 1/4 of 100mg modafinil pill and feel great. 400 mg modafinil will burn your brain


400 mg hmm I predict the worst butterflies and anxious tummy you can imagine times three. Unless you have high tolerance and then maybe you need a break not more...


I use to take 50-100 a day and that was sufficient


150mg is ideal for me. 100mg when I don't need to be very active.


 I'm a big guy and my go to dosage is 70mg. 150 seems like a lot, 400? Yikes! Research shows that peak function enhancements occur in the smaller dosage range.

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