Anyone try Low-dose Naltrexone long term? I have been on it for one week, and I definitely notice an increased feeling of well-being. Alertness is slightly improved as well. LDN probably only benefits those who of us who are at a deficit (cognitive impairment, autoimmune condition, etc.), but I'd like to hear your stories. Afterall, we're all here for different reasons.
I've been using it since 2013 with great results. Now I'm hypersensitive to tianeptine and kratom. Not that useful for IBS though...I put my whole family of IBS sufferers on LDN and it didn't help much with it, but overall, it's great for health and wellbeing.
there are cumulative benefits. 6 months in I just was in better shape overall: sleep, energy, strength, resistance to pain, cold and heat, better emotional balance... The thing is that you get used to the feeling so you notice it less and less. However, it does seem to keep working. I now have some new MD clients who came to me after witnessing the regenerating effects of Naltrexone in their patients that worked with me. ( I live in Mexico city and we don't have Naltrexone available here -_- )
I've given it a two week trial quite a few times, and it has done wonders for my anxiety, cognitive deficits, pain, and overall sense of wellbeing. My immune system is running a muck due to a chronic infection. I'm currently doing a long-term trial since some patients say it may take a year or so to really do its work (MS patients, Lyme, etc). I'm on day 5 I believe, and its effects are building. I think this is one of those diamond in the rough medications.

Also dosage for this medication is incredibly subjective. If you read the white papers, the response curve for this medication is nonexistent. Some respond to pico or even nanogram doses, while others require 4.5mg or so. I do great at 1.5mg. Anything higher makes me very, very uncomfortable.
Yeah 1.5-3mg is the good range for me. Seems that the people using 4.5mg are the ones coming in with more chronic pain management history, my doc recommended it because of my cluster migraines. It and low dose lithium are the best overall recommendations I have ever gotten from the doctor, the lithium reduced headache frequency but migraines still happened, LDN has made me practically migraine free (at least when keeping my caffeine usage infrequent and low)
I was having symptoms of ibd along with brain fog, anxiety, depression, and low testosterone. I started taking ldn because it could apparently help all those things. I immediately noticed my bowels get better but in the 20 days i was on it my brain fog got worse. I went and got blood drawn yesterday to see if it raised my testosterone. As soon as i get labs ill post them. Dose was 3 mg at night.
Ha, I'll keep an eye on the brain fog. I'm optimistic about LDN, but I am (perhaps irrationally) scared of its anti-cancer effects. That can be a double-edged sword. For example, my chronic brain fog and cognitive deficits started shortly after quitting a chemotherapy drug. Some anticancer drugs can damage the myelin sheath and/or kill hippocampal cells. I hope LDN doesn't do the same. No evidence I've seen suggests it can, but I am cautious of it nonetheless (given my history).

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