Does anyone here have any experience with Ecdysterone, also known as Brazilian Ginseng?

It says it aids with liver detoxification and is an adaptogen. Many adaptogens tend to also have nootropic effects by improving brain health along with most or all other systems in the body. I'm also guessing (as an educated guess) that boosting testosterone (its main purpose) would also result in a boost in motivation.

I take it for 2 weeks and stop for 1, in the morning is best for it is stimulating, I noticed an injury from hitting my leg healed fast, it didn't turn really blue and any trace disappeared within 3-4 days.
For the nootropic benefits I'd say it increases motivation and force of will to keep one focused on tasks and avoid non-important bs.
All in all I'm very glad to have discovered this herb and its benefits, I also think keeping test high naturally is a good strategy for cognition and health.
I still have to research it for a longer period to be able to better value it, I started using it only 2 months ago or so.
in brazillian ginseng thats fabulous, some how I havent heard of barzaillian ginseng. body builders love it for the hormone modulation that transforms testosterones into estrogen with a beneficial growth effect
Suma has the strongest physical stimulation effect of any of the ginseng-alike things I have tried. Some panax ginseng can have a mild stimulation for me, but eleuthero is a mostly mental energy tonic and ashwagandha is more calming overall. Mixing them together is a pretty good smoothie stack in my experience but they definitely make it taste a bit strange.

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