Piracetam. How do you cycle it? I was thinking about 8g by day, but 4.8g gave me headache.
Gradually build up to that dose otherwise you may crash or have some kind of potential manic episode. Srsly unless it is something one has been on for at least six to 12 mos, as for 1600-2400mgs some folks may become heavily sedated on that dose.
Choline will fix the headache but the proper dose isn't 4.8g or 8g, it is individual and requires some experimenting to arrive at an optimal dose. It has an inverted U-shaped response curve where either side of that curve will be sub-optimal in terms of your cognitive performance. You should not have to cycle piracetam. Depending upon what effects you are looking for it can take even longer than six weeks. To get rid of my tinnitus and restore high frequency hearing took about three months. For me, it really is too weak to notice much in the way of cognitive benefits and fasoracetam works much better for that, again a inverted U response curve (this is really typical of most of the racetams), faso 20mg/day initially and over time tapered down to 5mg (it also builds inverse tolerance, that is your body becomes more rather than less sensitive to it's effects with time). But piracetam for most people is pretty flat once initial adjustments are made so no need to cycle. Do add a good choline source, just about any except choline bitartrate which is not well absorbed.
Piracetam felt amazing for 2 months. Now I don't feel the effects anymore. I still take it twice / week though.
I had one very interesting evening the first time I took piracetam and I took 4.8g the first time. I went to a neighborhood tavern that happens to make an excellent teriyaki fish with Caesar salad. It was crowded. There were half a dozen simultaneous conversations. I was able to follow each of them all at the same time and have a good memory of each. I could never do that under ordinary circumstances. The colors in things like the wooden doors were far more vivid. Never again did I experience anything like that from piracetam but after being on it for about three months I happened to be out for a walk at night and heard a conversation, and being as where I was walking was between the backs of property and a cemetery it was unusual to hear conversations there. Then I spotted the people talking standing under a street light about three blocks away and it was as if they were right there. My tinnitus was gone, it had been so loud that it would sometimes be hard to hear conversations up close, I had lost all hearing above 8Khz, I retested, good to 17 Khz. So I continue to take it for that but only at 1600-2400mg. Then I take the fasoracetam for cognitive benefits. I also take omega-3's, a good b-vitamin supplement (Jarrows B-right), and a host of antioxidants and things to help mitochondrial function, PQQ, Ubiquinol, and between the whole ritual I do feel I've obtained substantial benefit.
With piracetam and most racetams for that matter, more is not better. There is an inverted U shaped response curve and the goal should be to find the top of that inverted U and stay there. I recommend starting with a low dose say 1600mg / day split up into two 800mg doses and gradually increasing. I recommend this as opposed to going straight to a high dose because too high dose will give you brain fog and for some people that brain fog persists for a long time after discontinuing the drug so it's best not to overshoot the top of the inverted U by a large amount just in case you are one of those people. Also you do not need to cycle piracetam. Some stimulating racetams need to be cycled but piracetam isn't one of them, some like fasoracetam build an inverse tolerance and you definitely don't want to cycle those.

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