Is Adderall a Nootropic?

No it's crystal meth


People need to STOP SAYING IT'S METH. TWO COMPLETE DIFFERENT MOLECULES!  Sure they are both amphetamines, but itbis NOT METH. It does not have a Methyl group attached in the same way as Methamphetamine. 

But to answer this question, it does have Nootropic properties, but doesn't meet the full definition because with nootropics they need to maintain a certain level of safety which Adderall does not pass.


 Adderall is not meth. Meth is more stronger and is the best nootropic because it makes you the smartest. If anyone tells you not to use it, Punch them in the mouth and yell "The dose makes the poison, asshole!" Be careful though, because the police don't want you to be smart. They'll throw you in jail, or worse, they'll take away your meth.


Its only a nootropic if you use it a certain way

Technically if you use it for the purpose of retaining more information or thinking more without the negative effects of things like caffeine 

Be careful. Adderall has its downsides. Personally I would recommend several other nootropics 


Strong stimulant - yes. "Smart drug" - kinda. But I wouldn't be so sure to call it nootropic, since there are few definitions. Main examples:

1. Nootropics are supposed to improve cognition, focus and memory. - That would suggest Adderall is a nootropic, but:

2. Nootropics are substances improving cognitive skills without MAJOR NEGATIVE side effects - that's the main point against calling it a nootropic. Adderall, or amphetamine, may improve your cognitive abilities, but think about the side effects of using amphetamine as a coginitive enhancer - that's a different story. Stay safe


 Yes, I tried IPH and it increases motivation and focus (But need to do what you want to do if not you will waiste that time). Do not redose. Short half life time -> Imo adrafinil is better.


 Sometimes I think we should stop considering it a nootropic because it has a very bad reputation and quite frankly most people that come to the nootropics community are people looking for something like it or better. And even more sadly it just brings negative attention to our communities. 

It’s a good question. The answer is technically yes I can think if 5 nootropics at least that work better than adderall

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