Is krill oil really better than fish oil?
Yes. The oil from krill is reported to have a higher concentration of EPA and also reduce or eliminate the fish-burps associated with taking traditional fish oil
Yup, it not the higher concetration of EPA and DHA its the form of more bioavailability. Also astaxanthin is the key factor in krill oil.
I think so. I can feel better effect on Krill than omega 3 or fish oil.
If I remember correctly, I think krill oil might be safer than fish oil. Krill has a shorter life span, so they don't have as much time to accumulate toxic chemicals in the ocean.
It's a phospholipid form, so more bio-available and matches human absorption pathway.

The problem I have found with it is manufacturers with high DHA/EPA content per serving.

You end up taking like 10-15 pills to get those desired contents up to good levels.

The body converts fish oils pretty easily so not sure the price is justified yet.
Let's bring some peer-reviewed studies into this discussion!

The answer seems to be, at least in terms of DHA and EPA intake, that krill oil requires ~60% of the dose of fish oil to achieve the same blood levels of EPA and DHA. Controlling for that, there doesn't seem to be a difference.

I have not researched the other claims around astaxanthin ( and the concentrations within krill oil being able to provide a significant effect.
krill oil does pack more nutrients and interesting antioxidant astaxanthin
I read that the EPA and DHA derived from Krill is much lower than Fish Oil, but it's more bioavailable for the body to use. So, does this even it out or do we need to spend more money to get the higher levels?
I feel like I've read somewhere that krill oil doesn't go rancid nearly as easy a fish oil. I'll have to see if I can find that. If it's true, that might be another reason to go with krill.
Look up Skatefish oil, it has high levels of K2 as well as its omega fatty acids. The k2 will aid your body in the distribution of calcium, which is mostly inorganic crap in our food supply and our tap water that can basically be lodged anywhere into soft tissue and even the brain. If you have enough vitamin k2 your body can properly utilize the calcium and get it into your bones. I found out about it when I was researching the calcification of the pineal gland but whether you believe any of that or not just look at the nutrition facts of the skatefish oil.
I beleive all those animals get their DHA from algea. I was reconsidering going with chlorela/spirulina mix. That's why farm raised salmon sucks. No real DHA because they feed them with corn.
fish oil is more badass
brb extracted by liver of dead fishes
brb risk of heavy metal intoxication
brb let krill oil to vegans

Joking, it seems very good. It contains vitamin A,ì and E, CoQu10 and leutin, its fats are more assorable -included omega-3. Moreover it is environment-sunstainable.
Krill oil is better than regular 2 step processed fish oil. However fish oil that is produced using the much more expensive, 3 step processing system that puts it into triglyceride form is the absolute best. Think Nordic naturals or similar. Or just pure cod liver oil if you can stomach it.
Yes, it is a million times better. The fish get the omega 3s from the krill they eat. Pluse you don't have to worry about the mercury risk that you do with fish oil.
Don't know if that's the case. I know krill would have less of a chance to have mercury contamination. Although, most fish oils go through purification processes.
i take krill oil every day one softgel with a meal.. i find it much better than fish oil and much less, umm flatulance than fish oil as well.. also krill oil has choline in it and other phospholids as well that fish oil either does not or has it in higher concentraions
put on trash fish, krill, flax oil and every seed or pufas oil and start eating bacon, coconut oil, and lots of pork... you will get testosterone and strenght. :D fish oil is for 70 years old men
Flax Seed Oil is better source for Omega 3 than fish oil. The rule of thumb is that the dosage has to be double that of fish oil to equal the same effects and benefits. Plus its better because no traces of mercury as compared to fish oil

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