LSD and L-Theanine... worth doing the theanine?

Looking to achieve a calm trip. I usually use Phenibut.

I would do it. Phenibut slows the GABAergic system a bit too much to be paired with a fast acting GABA modulator like LSD
It's also good (and maybe better) for comedowns, and solidifying the newly created connections with growth factors. My favorite was microdosing with bacopa with LSD since both have interactions on serotonin, GABA, growth factors and histone deacytylase/methylation.
Set your self up for a good trip instead. Do good productive things that week think positively and the morning of exercise and eat healthy. Fast 2 hours before it and burn white sage before taking (spiritual wisdom) and scientifically, raises dopamine so really does put you in a good mood.
I would add phenibut because I have anxiety on regular basis when I'm out on an event but not if I spent this time in my bed. I noticed that nootropics accumulated in my body changes a lot an lsd experiment. Absolutely no visuals in my case, deep analythical thouhts and searching for life analogies instead.

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