i have bought some phenibut and monday will be my first dose, but im afraid of the side effects i have read really horrific stories about phenibut.
so im thinking take a low dose (like 100-200mg) just to see how my body react with phenibut. 
what do you think about this? any recommendation before take it?
tnx in advance.

Personally I don't experience any side effects whatsoever - despite ingesting up to 10g on some nights.

This obviously isn't something I'd recommend for your first time. I started at 1.5g to asses tolerance, but most people recommend starting even lower, at 1g and sometimes 0.5g.

For just a general reduction in anxiety and increase in motivation - anything between 0.5g and 1.5g does it for me.

For use as a recreational drug - I up the dose to about 3g, and if I go a little crazy I refill a couple of times during the night, often times adding up to a total of 10g. As I said earlier, I personally don't experience any withdrawal or crash after this, but this kind of irresponsible dosing isn't something everyone should try.

I always make sure to take it a maximum of one time a week, and sometimes taking a couple of weeks off completely.

Phenibut for me is totally wonderful. No fear or anxiety whatsoever, with an afterglow lasting two days afterwards. It has really helped me gain the perspective of not being anxious all the time - a perspective I find it easier and easier to incorporate in my sober experience.
It depends on why you are taking it in the first place. I have no problems at all with just taking one or two 250 mg caps most days of the week. It's very effective for anxiety at that dose-at least for me. The problem happens when you are taking it to get high. All of those horror stories are from people taking over a gram to party with, not for therapeutic doses.

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