So....I'm still kind of wrecked after prolonged too much alcohol and kava and snus tobacco along with several years of high stress. The last four years have been just awful. I'm guessing everything, esp glutamate and gaba, is dysregulated. Very low energy, trembling, poor stress resistance, eating crap food, zero libido etc.. Age 52 and not recovering well. I stay up late, drink, dread going to sleep because I don't wake refreshed, etc. Suggestions appreciated.
Just get sober and really take care of yourself for a while, Whatever life is throwing at you will be easier. The body and mind will reward you pretty immediately for ceasing to toxify yourself. Walk away from a choice that did work but no longer does. You will be much much happier and healthier even if life still sucks, it will suck a lot less. I actually encountered nootropics searching for a way to get my mental edge back after a year of sobriety. I was in good shape physically put still felt a bit slow on the uptake. I did piracetam and noopept chronically while doing some heavy learning, I learned how to weld, something I always wanted to do. After a few months of steady but low doses, I felt as sharp as I did when I was 29..
Word, not sure HOW bad of an alcoholic you are but if you get bad DT's I would encourage trying to get into detox.
Get your testosterone levels checked, if you're below 500ng/dl or so perhaps supplementation can help. Higher test levels have been linked t lower drink seeking behaviour.
Have you tried therapy of any type or psychedelics looking to quit drinking?
Getting into a regular sleeping and waking cycle is the most important part. If you don't have work or study at night it will be that much easier. Valerian, melatonin and magnesium can help calm the nervous system and deepen sleep.
1) Are you still working? If not, make that regular sleeping pattern a number 1 priority for the next 2-4 weeks until it's underway. Sleeping between 9:45 and 10:45pm and waking up between 5:45 and 6:45am consistently will make a difference 2) Start doing strength training - I can write you a basic program if you need (I'm a qualified PT) and cardio - high intensity interval training is best; start with some fast paced, extended walks (45 mins is a good duration) and then introduced some short runs (15-20 minutes of laps around the field, followed by short 60-80 m sprints at 60-70% exertion) at the local oval (if your knees are ok) 3) Try detoxing your liver and blood - normally turmeric is good for this except Anthony below has said to cut out all supplements that increase BDNF (which turmeric does) - MSM and vitamin D3, combined with a small amount of colloidial (ionic) silver is a potent detox protocol. 4) Try some brain training for working memory - it 'can' help with impulse control (useful for changing habits); there are some great free working memory apps downloadable from iPhone app store.
I would cease all Nootropics that have a bdnf related mechanism of action. Bdnf solidifies habits, be them good or bad. I would not take any of them until you cease drinking. Along with suggestions above, eating right, water consumption, excerise (increases bdnf but your cementing a soil habit). I would get blood work done to asses where you stand; I'd get A1c (blood sugar for last three months), hormone tests (estrogen to testosterone), vitamin and mineral assay (correct any deficiencies), 23andme testing and put the raw data into promethease and genetic gene (getting vitamins and minerals is vital but more importantly, the most bioavaliable forms that your genetics allow).

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