Tryptophan V.S. 5HTP, what is the difference and which is better?
Tryptophan crosses the blood brain barrier much easier than 5-HTP, so it can be more effective at raising brain serotonin levels with less increase in systematic serotonin levels which is a good thing. Too much systematic serotonin can damage your heart.
You can take both. I also suggest combining them with vit-B6, vit-C and possibly EGCG if your stomach can handle it (tryptophan and 5htp should be taken on an empty stomach)
If L-Tryptophan works, then you should stick with that, as it's rate-limited (doesn't result in overproduction of serotonin) and can be stored by the body for future use.

5-HTP mainly existed and grew in popularity as the US government banned the sale of L-Tryptophan. As that ban has been lifted, you should start with L-Tryptophan.

It would make sense to use 5-HTP rather than L-Tryptophan if you have issues converting L-Tryptophan to 5-HTP or have absorption problems. Otherwise, 5-HTP can easily result in serotonin syndrome and isn't really suited for long-term used.

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