Anyone who's dealt with Vyvanse and side effects like uncontrollable dark and disturbing thoughts and ideas. I'll find myself thinking things I would never believe, agree with, or do; but they come in sudden impulses. I'm never worried about acting on them, but I hate thinking of this stuff altogether. I've had issues with these kind of thoughts since childhood (I'm 24 now), but Vyvanse seemed to trigger them 10x more often.
My doctors shake it off like it's no big deal, but I thinks it's a concern
Those are intrusive thoughts and are totally normal to a point. If they're causing you distress or effecting your every day life they become more of an issue.

I never had an increase in them on Vyvanse but I'm well acquainted with them. You could try looking into therapy but tbh if you know it's the meds causing them it'd be easier to just switch meds.

Just make sure your doctor knows they're causing a serous issue and aren't just the normal passive thoughts we all have. If you're under stating how much they're effecting you the doctors probably won't think anything of it because it technically is totally normal.
I actually had those thoughts and dreams way before Vyvanse. Many anti-depressants worsened them. Klonapin made them mostly disappear, Imipramine added in wiped them out. They suspected either bipolar or depression NOS (agitated type) in me.
Years later I added Vyvanse with the only side effects being tense jaw/neck and muscle twitches. Plus it pooped out fast.
Look up "OCD intrusive thoughts". If it is OCD, not surprising that imipramine did the trick. The old tri-cyclic are often the most effective OCD meds. Also help suppress REM! Voila!

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