so I've been taking 5-htp for about a year at this point. I started taking it for good sleep. I noticed a couple weeks ago when I stopped taking it, that I got a little depressed so I started taking it again. What's the best way to come off there any other serotonin boosters i could take briefly to help me stop taking 5-htp? I take 400mg a night.
I am takin st john wort, I take it 10 months out of 12, when I stop, the first 2 weeks I feel a little bit off, but then I feel normal again. So I would suggest you to just stop taking it and those depressed days will pass. Also if you want you could try st john wort.
You become dopamine deficient after using 5-htp for so long. Get some DL-Phenylalanine and add that to your mornings and your mood should improve. Other than that, kanna (Zembrin is the patented extract if you want that) could be a good temporary measure to cut your usage of the 5-htp without getting depressed.
Switch to low dose of trypthophan then taper trypthophan and add Tyrosine/dl phenylalanine maybe Aswagandha. Or do it like me I was on prozac for more than year and I quit it cold turkey (was lazy in bad mood and had beain zaps) but after 10 days I was Ok and after month completwly recovered. Good luck mate

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