I am buying some nootropics to test out what works for me.

Where to start? What is your top 5 supplements?

Piracetam with lecithin(simple and cheap), caffeine + l-theanine pills(good stuff),
Huperzine A Krill oil CoQ10 Lecithin Organic guarana powder Organic cayenne pepper Pycnogenol Ginseng Cordyceps - Use these first before racetams
Caffeine, but if abused it will lose it effectiveness. Make sure to off cycle and/or use tolerance reducers. If you're more interested in tolerance reduction just send me a message or reply here
I don't think I've tried enough to have a top 5, although I've tried quite a few. So I'd have to say noopept, uridine, nicotinamide riboside, agmatine, and modafinil, if modafinil isn't considered a supplement then Pterostilbene.
For me is best focus/social stack : phenylpiracetam,aniracetam,ritalin, ksm66 Aswagandha extract. It makes laser sharp focus and motivation combined with ego boost and sociability
Proly start with the famous racetams family beginning with piracetam and aniracetam to get information out your mind quickly and don't forget to mix these up with choline, then you can add the afinils to the trial, go for modafinil to hack your sleep, try phenyl to increase motivation and focus.. If you are bored try those trial chemicals yoi can gind them everywhere,,, dont try analpiracetam even they claim it could make you a smartass! That's a joke, have fun

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