I'm newly diagnosed and they started me on Adderall. It helps but I'm worried about the weight loss side effect. I have a normal BMI and do not want to lose so much weight that it becomes unhealthy. Have any of you had drastic weight loss on Adderall and had to stop it?
I was worried about the same thing when I started Adderall. I began a routine of making sure that I eat a good meal when I take it, and I try to stay as active as possible throughout the day to help fight the sleepiness and I take the Adderall as little as possible to still get by and function. I do this for the appetite issue, but also because I don't want to take any more than I have to and build up a tolerance to it. I try to eat small snacks throughout the day and typically, by nighttime I'm hungry enough to eat a good dinner.
You'll find what works best for you.
I'm on a different stim and initially lost weight but once I got used to how my appetite worked and stomach felt on it and my body adjusted it all evened back out. Give it some time and just be conscious of your eating habits
I just started adderall today. I don't need to lose any more wt. I've lost 20 lbs in the past few months but I need the adderall so I can get things done in the afternoon. I've already been struggling with eating and having an appetite.
With adderall and other amphetamines, it is so so so important that you eat well. You will feel like absolute garbage when your adderall runs out if you haven't eaten a solid meal. If you are like me, you will often have to force feed yourself. It's not super unpleasant- more that your body just forgets it needs food.
I didn't have drastic weight loss. It does affect appetite for some people, so if that happens for you just watch for it. When i was on dexedrine i would take it when i got up and eat breakfast right away before it kicked in. I would also pack lots of stuff to take to work that i could munch on vs eating a big lunch at once. And water! Stay hydrated. You may not feel thirsty, but i found amphetamines make me really dehydrated and this would make my appetite worse. Keep an eye on your urine - light yellow to clear means you are getting enough water, med means you need to drink more, dark means you are dehydrated and need to catch up. It's an easy habit to get into and will help. You can also do things to increase fat and calories in your meals if it becomes a problem.
Correct, Lindsay. However, as a rule PWN do not drink enough because their dynorphin levels are dysregulated and they "forget" to drink. I've never heard that the amphetamines are the cause but it's possibly an aggravating factor.

Also very important and the docs never tell you this: Amphetamines (but not methylphenidate) are neurotoxic and can damage your body, particularly your mitochondria. The damage is due to the oxidative stress that results from increased phosphorylation of long chain fatty acids in the production of ATP. Phosphorylation produces as a byproduct oxygen species, i.e. free radicals. When taking amphetamines it is very important to take an antioxidant as well, such as co-q-10 or acetyl L-carnitine.

Of the amphetamines, Desoxyn (generic: methamphetamine) is by far the most toxic.
I have been off of my Adderall for almost a month now. My medical insurance isn't getting back to me. I don't have withdrawal symptoms or anything like that but I do not have normal bowel movements and I've basically quit smoking. The saddest part about all of it is I'm afraid to gain the weight back that I lost. I've been eating more often. I don't seem to be gaining anything at all but it's just constantly in my mind that I will get "fat" again. Another thing that is really bothering me is my boyfriend just got sober off of meth and I've been upset I don't have my meds (and whining a bit) and he keeps putting me down and calling me a "tweaker" and saying I'm not better than him with his meth and apparently I'm abusing my Adderall because my dr out ADHD on the prescription paper (to get around insurance issues as narcolepsy is very rare and they don't cover Adderall for it). I feel like crap. How do I explain to him I'm not a tweaker I'm fine without my meds just tired and can't function.
Stimulants can destroy your weight. When that happens, it's time to tweak the dosages. Maybe add some extended release in addition to your standard release meds. You know, mix-and-match.

Good luck! :)

P.s I always wanted to try a salt cave, msinly for my sinuses. Glad you had a good time!
Unfortunately the life we live is mostly dependent on medications and consequential side effects. Likely nothing you take isn't going to give you an unwanted side effects.

One suggestion is to reduce your intake of Adderall to just the days you need it. Skipping it on the days your off work. See if your appetite returns. That will give you an indication of its truly the Adderall or something else.
100% the meds. I was originally on 70 mg Vyvanse. I was a sickly 80 lbs at my lowest point. I'm now 125!! I'm a student and I work. I'd rate my N at a less severe case but it's a struggle a lot of times. I have to be well rested, I changed my diet to a very clean eating and I work out regularly. Usually I'll include an hour nap once I get home from work or school then keep my day going after that. Diet and exercising seems to help tons, I have a lot more energy.
I guess it is all a matter of perspective. weight loss was not bothersome in the past for me. I felt WAY better and it was not a concern from docs. I looked in the mirror and was content with the appearance. Other people nagged the shit out of me. I should have went somewhere else where that was not happening.
Hmmm I've never heard of it. Usually weight loss medication are stimulants. That sucks. I'm sorry you're dealing with that! Have you considered L-Citrulline Malate? It's a non essential amino acid that helps a ton with energy and helps you lose weight. It's become kind of a big deal with pwn because it gives us natural energy so we don't feel like we're in quicksand inside but jittery and anxious on the outside from the stimulant meds. It's really helped me and they even speak about it at the narcolepsy conferences. It might really help you.

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