Has anyone who takes Adderall found a way to get around the extreme appetite loss? Does it get better eventually? I've been taking it for about two and a half weeks now, and I find eating to be SUCH a challenge. I have to be super careful about scheduling my meals for when the dose has worn off, but then I'm too sleepy to bother making something for myself and end up drinking a protein shake. This is the first time in my entire life that I've felt somewhat "normal," all other unpleasant side effects disappeared by day 5, but I only weigh 100 lbs and can't afford to lose much more. I don't want to sacrifice this medication after how much it has changed my life for the better, but obviously there are severe health consequences of malnutrition also.
Protein shakes are a live saver. I use a high protein plant based powder and mix it in whole milk instead of water to add to the calorie count. You'll want to avoid the pre-bottled stuff due to sugar count (which can end up making you feel crappier) and cost. If I don't have one of these every morning I won't eat breakfast and then I end up getting low blood sugar sweats. I also make nut butter/oatmeal bars and keep them in my purse. I've been making myself eat small amounts on clock whether I'm hungry or not and its been helping. I've been on adderall for about 8 years and my appetite isn't always this bad. It just goes away and comes back every so many months as it feels like
I've been on Adderall for 2 years. At first I had a lot of trouble with low appetite and forgetting to eat (or not feeling like eating), but I don't have trouble with it anymore. The weirdest thing for me was on Adderall, I don't feel 'hungry' sometimes- instead I feel worn down/exhausted. So I had to learn that whenever I was tired, to think about whether it was bc I hadn't eaten in a while, then eating would wake me up a little. I also find that I prefer taking my doses 30-60min before eating or 60 min after eating, it's more effective for me and I eat better. If I take it and don't eat within 1.5 hours then sometimes it kicks in too hard and I forget to eat. I also found that liquid calories (smoothies, etc.) really helped me when I didn't feel like eating! Best of luck!
What Ashley said about feeling run down is true for me as well. I will feel so sick if I don't eat, but it feels more like exhaustion than hunger. I find that I have an easier time eating yogurt and shakes than more solid stuff when I'm on Adderall.
Definitely agree with the liquids because I get impatient about eating on Adderall too, like it just feels like a horrible chore that I want to get over with as quickly as possible. My birthday is coming up and I think I'm gonna ask for one of those fancy blenders so I can throw in some ingredients and make myself a better variety of smoothies.
OK I'm on adderall. 20 mg in am and same in pm. Instant release. I realize it suppresses appetite. I've never liked to eat as soon as I wake up. Never been one for breakfast before school or work. So by the time I would normally be hungry I'm not now due to the med. So then I don't even think about eating until the point I start to feel yucky from not eating and by then eating anything just doesn't sound appeasing. If I try to eat it just like uggg I don't want this and sometimes I find it actually hard to make myself eat. I know that this has to be contributing to me feeling just weak and I'll. I do like carnation instant breakfast drinks and find I can get that down better and i like just plain peanut butter but that tends to upset my stomach if thats all i have.
I take a med for anxiety that induces constant hunger as a side effect, so it balances that out. Obvs I wouldn't recommend taking a med for a use its not intended for. If weight loss is a concern, ensure plus and high fat nuts are a good way to sneak in calories
I bought protein shakes to make sure I at least got some calories in. I find it helpful to eat something really small at first when you know you need to eat (like some crackers or something else that is easy to get down even without much of an appetite), because then usually a little while later I'll feel more able to eat (it like... jumpstarts your appetite). Medium effort cardio helps get me hungry. Eating really small amounts of nutrient packed foods throughout the day instead of trying to eat traditional meals. Also if I do have a craving for something I'll just go with it instead of worrying that it's not the healthiest choice, because at some point you just need the calories.
all, these meds...go natural. do research. look into essential oils and other natural means. i only use young living essential oils. All these pills have side effects. education on essential oils will help you understand better. if you need more references inbox me and I wii send anyone links.
Emergency crackers. For me they were simple wheat crackers (with no salt or only a little). I'd keep them in my bedroom because after I started adderall I stopped feeling hungry and forget to eat/eat almost nothing for the whole day, then I'd wake up in the morning nauseous and the last thing I wanted to do was eat. The only thing I could get down was the crackers--they'd settle my stomach.

I have to set reminder alarms. A lot of them. I still don't get hungry, but I can eat fine, so long as I eat 4-5 smaller meals (and I actually EAT them instead of skipping them, which I still sometimes do, hence the large number of very annoying alarms to remind me). There are still days that I subsist off of spoonfuls of peanut butter and pomegranates...

I would drink ensure when I wake up to make sure I have the daily nutrition. . Then when day meds start to wear off... I do a smoothie and a snack.. drink water and pack healthy snacks on the go. I pre make my snacks by the week. But have to stay in routine or I would forget how to keep my motivation
I used to have that problem when I was on dexamfetamine I'd feel so sick when eating a proper meal so I decided to have loads of snacks instead of big means like a toastie or toast, yogurt and fruit, baked potato had some then put it in the fridge to pick away at in fact I done that a lot
I keep high protein snacks on hand always, like nuts. I make myself eat a few every hour or so whether I want to or not. Keeping something small on my stomach always makes eating a meal much easier. I also eat something before I take it.
Ensure. If you blend it with ice and a banana it's not that bad.
Also, prep meals for when the med wears off. I used to find that I'd get hungry after meds worse off, but was too tired to cook something healthy andfull of nutrients and fat (needed of npt eating enough during the day). I also would eat breakfast at same time as taking stim, right when i woke up . If you wait too long after taking it won't be hungry
I make my own smoothies with hemp milk, fruit, yogurt, and sometimes add chia seeds, It gives a good nutritional boost and I can drink it easily. Also I find papaya is one of the few foods I can tolerate consistently when it seems weird to eat - and the enzymes are stomach calming. Soups that are drinkable are also good - they used to have a special portable soup you could hold in your hand by Campbells when I was working, you can do it with any soup really but the container was efficient
Yeah, I think that's pretty normal. The stims tend to suppress appetite, and forgetting liquids is pretty easy to do, especially if you're not eating. I either schedule my meds around my eating times or plan for it when I know my meds will start to wear off. I have to have liquids by me at all times though, because if I don't I will get severe headaches. I drink a lot of vitamin water which helps tremendously.
I experience this with the Ritalin. I have to remind myself that I have to eat even though I don't want to. I do use Ensure and Boost shakes on days that are really tough but definitely noticing that and making concious effort to actually eat food has helped a lot! I would talk to your doctor about this side effect. Its good to at least make them aware and they may have suggestions to help.
Same here. I'm so used to a crazy work day and no real set eating routine so if I'm not hungry I figure I already ate and I forget all about it. It does seem to get better though, I think I just need to get used to what 'hungry' feels like. 'hungry' doesn't show up in my stomach anymore, but I can feel it in my energy and focus now. Plus it seems if I don't eat my energy is useless energy and on top of it I'm up all night. I seem to have lost all control and say over my body....
I've been on it about 4 months and have lost 30 pounds. I needed to though. I am nauseated quite a bit and seems like I can't eat as much as I used to or I do feel miserable too like you said. I just try to eat when I can, hang in there. The weight loss had slowed down for me. My family likes the boost protein shakes and I used to buy them to help my husband and skinny daughter keep their weight up.
I second the eating before meds part. It helps to have things as prepared as possible (if you are like me and tired when you get up, I'm sure most of us are). The one minute oatmeal is great - you can put everything on a bowl (oatmeal, raisins, cranberries, cinnamon, sugar) then add boiling water in the morning. Cover with a plate and let stand a few minutes. I used to add prechopped apple slices or some banana. Easy but lots of nutrients and calories. You can add a hunk of coconut oil to make it even better for you! (good fats and nutrients and calories) .
I used to get up early, eat oatmeal, go back to bed for an hour (because it felt to good to finally eat, and i find its a low nausea food so i would eat A LOT of it, i liked to rest after) tuen have another alarm for wake up time and meds
Also - i would be ravenous when meds wore off, but would crash and be too tired to prepare food. Have fully cooked meals in fridge prepped so you can just throw it on a pan to warm up. Breads are good for calories and filling you up, but don't offer much nutrition. Focus on nutrient dense foods (veggies), proteins and fats . Add olive oil (after food is cooked, since raw olive oil has many health benefits ) and coconut oil to your cooking.
For carbs potatoes, squash, and tunip are great - and have more nutrients than bread. Not that bread is bad. It's just important to get more of the other stuff. I was bad for eating easy grain based foods and cereal at night. I wasn't eating during the day, so this was my main source of food. I became very weak and malnourished and with that and the n i burned out really badly.
Oh, and you can fry any veggie in coconut oil (and garlic if you like it) and it tastes bloody amazing. Sorry for all the comments lol. I've been focusing on increasing fats and veggies this year, so lots of tips I'm learning! And if you like pasta, the tube noodles (i don't remember what they are called) are AWESOME fried in coconut oil and garlic with salt and pepper, then drizzled after cooking with olive oil. You can add salmon or chicken and veggies like broccoli, zucchini, asparagus (it's great with all this and sundried tomatoes for a kick) . Ok, I've learned pretty much EVERYTHING is good with this oil. And it's so easy to make large batches of food, so you cook maybe 2-3 different things a week then just warm them up when meds wear off!

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