I would love to hear the experiences of those moms who took Adderallwhile breastfeeding. I am NwC and currently taking 20-30mg, but docs (including pediatrician) and lactation consultants are telling me I can go up past that, especially since we are not EBF (prior breast surgery). Please, I'm not interested in hearing how you made it without meds. The severity of my cataplexy makes that not an option and I need support, not more mommy judging. Pediatrician wants me on meds and wants me to breastfeed as much as I can. When not pregnant I go as high as 120mg (obviously out of the question) and while pregnant they had me as high as 60 mg.

I'm not used to managing N in increments of 5 or 10mg and am unsure how to best time meds. I'm also unsure as to how titrating up while being without sleep meds is going to go.

I wish I had some info but I am sorry if anyone judged you. Being a new mom is a beautiful time I hope you can keep your meds to where you feel well enough to enjoy and do all you need to.
Breast feeding is the best thing you can do for your child. I wasn't yet diagnosed with narcolepsy... not until my youngest was 7. But I did breastfeed all three of my boys, and with youngest son, I had to take my bipolar meds... So, if your doctors say it's safe, then don't feel guilty... You need the meds... If those close to you will not be sympathetic to your situation, then don't discuss it with them... I've got a few years on you... I'm 55, and my boys are now 27, 23, and 18.

Just a note of reassurance... Adderall is prescribed to kids as young as 4 years old for ADHD and ADD...

Congratulations! Motherhood is hard work, even without narcolepsy... Sleep whenever the baby sleeps, and do accept help wherever possible...
Are you taking long-acting or regular Adderall? When my older two boys took it for ADHD - later both diagnosed with narcolepsy, they started with short-acting, and they had to re-dose at lunchtime. With the Adderall XR, they only needed it in the morning...

I guess timing of your dosing would depend on your "schedule" of needing to be awake and needing to sleep, and how long the medication keeps your cataplexy at bay... As your baby grows, he/she will sleep longer and longer, making your own sleep/wake schedule easier to manage.

Something that I really noticed with our first child is that while pregnant, I had lots of support from my medical team... Frequent visits... etc etc... Fast forward to after the baby is born... "you're on your own... get used to it" ... LOL It was a big adjustment... there with this precious little human and conflicting advice, depending on who you asked... With the second and third, I knew more what to expect... but it didn't take any less energy...
Thanks all for the lack of judgement. ;-) I have had some minor instances of the mommy judging when it came to medications during pregnancy despite my OB/Gyn and my MFM's advice. However, I have seen some terribly horrendous judging on different boards etc. on and off FB including a few extremists who proclaim whose with N shouldn't have children. The second someone asks about stimulants during pregnancy or breastfeeding, 900 people want their cookie for making it through without meds. They seem to forget that we don't all have the exact same degree of symptoms, the exact same home life and family support. So the questions are never answered and the poster is never heard from again. Every time I try to look at old forums I feel ill.

There is, obviously a dearth of scientific research on the matter, but I know there is more anecdotal evidence than is to be found on the net. I think a good deal of women who have been in this predicament before either felt bullied into full formula feeding, suffering through with no meds or perhaps keeping silent about how they eventually managed to avoid the earfu
Im currently expecting my first in 9 weeks, and take dexamphetamine (sorry, I don't have any experience with adderall) but I made the decision really early on to not breastfeed my baby and to formula feed from the get go.

I know it's not related to the question you asked, but I've decided to not breastfeed because it would be impossible for me to function without my Dex and I'd rather give my baby formula than not trust myself to care for my baby because of what I would be like unmedicated!

Good luck with everything, I know how the judging feels and there's nothing worse! But you will make the best decision for you and your baby and you should be so proud of yourself!! xx
I'm going through this right now with my 1 month old. I've been on Nuvigil for years. All of my doctors say not to take Nuvigil and breast feed. So, I will have to wean him when it's time to get back on my meds. As was mentioned by someone else, it's better to be awake and happy and give him formula than to struggle without your meds.
I think the breast milk and what you are doing for your child likely outweighs any harm. I did not know I had narcolepsy. Did have mono when my dtr was 9 mos old linked to sleep deprivation. My youngest one was born 9 wks early and he figured out how to nurse. Precious time. And Nuvigil really does not work for me in night work. I do not use it daily. Side effects include moods and raises BP. I have recently cut out most carbs and sugar. And some think ketosis helps. I am more ready than ever to make the lifestyle changes. I wonder how much is really secreted in breast milk. I found a guy who seems very knowledgeable about ketosis. Hope to find the book, but he has stuff on YouTube. Dr. Eric Berg.
I have a six months old and just stopped breastfeeding now. So I am looking forward to going on my meds again (Ritalin). The doctors and everyone says its excellent that I have breastfed until now. (Breastfeeding is good for the baby, but s/he will be just fine without also - more important is being able to be a good attentive mother)
I do not believe there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that using noots while breastfeeding is either harmful or beneficial. I will say that it is recommended to start using at around age 25 when the brain fully develops. Therefore, I would recommend not using until after breastfeeding.
I wouldn't recommend using it while breastfeeding either...who knows if the baby would get the effects from the mother? Better be on the safe side and wait until after. Just try to each well, and maybe look into foods that can help relieve some of the effects you are talking about. :)
A lot of nootropics haven't even been studied long enough to know what the long term effects are on a full-grown person...let alone a developing infant. Of course she could do whatever she chooses, we are all just urging to be cautious :) Also, I'd look into foods with b12 in it for example. This has been shown to give improved Mood if you aren't having enough in your diet.
Transdermal Magnesium chloride is pretty safe, and helped my sister-in-law with her seasonal depression, you can check it with your doctor. And there are other options like mindfulness and yoga (for recent mothers), sunbathing... Be welcome, congratulations and good luck!

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