Does anyone else taking adderall experience really poor circulation in their feet especially? Like always cold or have to devote time to promoting blood flow (massage, exercise, etc?!)... if so, what do you do about it or has your doctor said anything? Has anything helped it? I'm starting to worry that parts of my feet are experiencing especially restricted blood flow- maybe even exacerbated by shoes in the day- and I don't want to have permanent or significant "damage"?! Weird question... I'll save you from pictures of when it's bad...
Yes. I have always had this problem, and my hands are often worse than my feet. Adderall makes this worse for me sometimes. My suggestions are to change socks if yours are cold or even remotely damp, and wear the super soft fleece ones! It helps to have a good pair of slippers, but make sure your feet are warm before you put them on. Sometimes I stick my clothes in the dryer for a bit if I'm cold, or put my fuzzy robe on. I haven't quite figured out how to keep my hands warm yet, except to move around more or sometimes I run them under hot water. Sometimes I get so cold I just need to take a hot shower!
I'm on adderall and have issues with this too. I've always tended to be either freezing cold or dripping with sweat. But adderall makes the cold aspect waaaay worse for me. About 30-60 min after I take it, my hands and feet get so cold they hurt and are difficult to use. Nothing warms them up when that kicks in.
I've been taking adderall for 7 years. I've had stuff like you described.

I've had issues with my feet... but that was related to my lower back. The chiropractor helped me with that--and it's practically gone now unless I sleep on it funny.

I have issues with cold hands--however, it's not related to the adderall but rather thoracic outlet syndrome. I have been able to reduce it with stretches from my physical therapist--unfortunately I still have some posture problems that make this flare up. Work in progress.

Caveat: While neither of these are -caused- by adderall, sometimes I experience hyper-focus after my last dose of the day... it's great for getting work done, but I always wind up holding TERRIBLE posture -- like leaning forward out of my chair or tipping my head to one side. It wouldn't be a problem for someone who never had posture issues... but I'm still trying to break those bad habits and get my muscles back into the right arrangements, so staying in a really posture-poor position for 2-3 hours is more than enough to set off those symptoms... so I guess it's kind of... adderall-adjacent? It doesn't happen all that often, though.
I was actually just going to look this up myself. :P I have been on adderall for a year, and yes, I have been having circulation issues. FREEZING cold most of the evening, go to bed and wake up hours later hot, and swollen everywhere. I think because my circulation is better when I'm finally lying flat. So I really do think it's a circulation issue. It may have been developing before the adderall though...
Since you've gotten a lot of yeses but not neccessarily for the Adderall being the cause, I have a counter question: When I was a kid I was ALWAYS HOT. It could be 1* F outside and I'd be sledding in shorts and a t-shirt and my boots and still not be cold. Or, people would sit next to me - maybe 6 inches away and could feel the heat radiating off of me. But ever since my early 20s (Didn't get my N diagnosis until I was 34) I do get cold and for the last year (maybe 2-3) it's been bad enough that yes, I'm worried about my circulation. It's weird though, how opposite it is of my childhood. Curious if that's true for anyone else.

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