Wondering about others experience with stimulants. I haven't been diagnosed with narcolepsy yet but I suspect I have it. When I take Adderall, it doesn't always seem to work. It's like I have to bank enough rest a few days in a row before I can take an adderall and have a productive day. If I try and take it every day, I can still sleep after taking it or else I become cranky and agitated. Im still tired but able to go through the motions of life but I certainly don't think clearly or at maximum capacity. Unless I've had enough days of rest leading up to a day of wakefulness. Does this make sense to anyone?
There's so many things that can cause you to feel that way though. Unfortunately most people with Narcolepsy don't sleep well. We're tired all the time but at night we have a hard time sleeping and we dream a lot, hallucinate and have sleep paralysis. Do you experience these things? You should have your thyroid tested if you haven't and maybe be tested for Lyme disease. The only way you'll figure out if a sleep disorder is causing your sleepiness is by scheduling a sleep study. There's many sleep disorders that mimic N. Apnea is a huge one and no you don't need to be fat or snore to have central apnea. I hope you figure out what it is causing your sleepiness!
It might not be safe to self-medicate yourself especially without a diagnosis.
You should see a sleep specialist who will not only diagnoses what is wrong with you, he/she will help you along the way to find the right medicine combination. Stimulants work differently for different PWN and there are many different stimulants out there. I have to take several different meds during the day and it took me months until I found what works best for me. Your Sleep specialist will also monitor your overall health because these stimulants are not candy but have also severe side effects.
Get a sleep study with MSLT asap. I can go to sleep on adderall (plus caffeine and energy drinks). They don't get to the root of the problem and mess with your neuro-dopamine chemistry. Don't base how you felt on the first few of adderall with how it will always feel. I went from lifting weights 6 days a week to being laid out almost all day everyday. Don't get me wrong it can be great in limited use but I just spoke to my doctor (who was involved himself in sleep studies and drug tests for the military) today who gave a long scientific explanation why nuvigil/provigil is better suited for people with narcolepsy (i was originally on adderall for adhd and only earlier this year not since when I was a kid). I'm finishing it and requesting to go on Nuvigil asap until I can stabilize myself when I start Xyrem in a few weeks.

So long story short adderall is NOT the solution to your problem, especially if you have narcolepsy.
I have this exact issue. Stims work great for one day but then I have to have a break of at least 5 days for them to work well again. Talked about a fair amount in the ADHD community. Some of us build up a tolerance to some meds quickly. It sucks. You are lucky you don't get the jaw tension and muscle twitches from stims. Those bonus side effects keep working even when alertness doesn't for me, lol!
Eat enough.sleep enough.consume a tablespoon of baking soda in water about an hour before aswell,this helps stims to last longer.other than that all you can do is quit for a while.lower your tolerance
Memantine reduces tolerance, possibly. Ritalin and Amphetamines are generally dead end compounds that damage neurons with chronic use, though.
In addition to taking NMDA antagonists, try finding another stimulant you fancy to use on days you don't use your RX. It may be a combination of compounds. It's trial and error.
I had this problem with pre workouts and caffeine etc. There is a product we sell at my shop called Adrenal Restore by CTD Labs. While I usually hate big name company products, this one made me sensitive to stims again. The only downside? You're supposed to go with no stims for 9 days. It sucked but it was a small price to pay for the end result. Good luck!
They're different manufacturers. Even though pharmacists claim that they are the same, they are in fact not the same. Each company, and not just these two, have their own process for how they make their pills.
It's like two different people being given the same ingredients to cook a meal. But each person may have a different technique which would cause their food to taste different.
Also, there is always the factor of quality of ingredients. That's like saying all green beans are the same. But you know farm fresh organic vegetables are not the same as a generic grocery store brand of canned green beans.

The same is for amphetamine salts. Some brands have different effects on different people. No doctor or pharmacist will ever support that notion, but you've experienced it first hand.

Once you've learned that a particular manufacturer works the best for you, ALWAYS ask if they have your preferred brand BEFORE they fill it. If you like the pink ones, ask for Corepharma. If they don't have it, go to another pharmacy. I've even called ahead so I didn't have to drive around
My Dr told me that you can build up a tolerance to Adderall. However, if you go off of it for a few days that it will be effective again. Ask your Dr if this is an option for you. On days I don't work, I generally skip my afternoon dose. I have only been on it for just over a year, 20 mg in am and 20 mg mid afternoon.
Adderall XR for me one generic brand makes me shake non stop and until I started working in the pharmacy I was scared to change to anything other than brand name. So I now work in a pharmacy and can attest to if you find a manufacturer that works for you find that NDC number and when you refill your script let the pharmacy know that you want that specific NDC. Hope this helps

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