Anyone have much knowledge of or experience with Citalopram?

My doctor has prescribed me Citalopram to deal with my anxiety. I was a bit wary because I know a lot of these prescription anti-depressants/anti-anxiety drugs can lead to addiction, but she assured me this wasn't the case with this particular drug. Looking up online, while it is considered to be non-addictive, some people seem to have reported withdrawals when coming off, which is a little concerning.

Is this something to be worried about (or with sensible dosages, is this avoidable)? And are there any other issues it may cause (I'm always worried about how these things may impact cognition)?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

it depends what your mental issues/state are. ssri's focus on raising serotonin and actually lower your dopamine. Thus I think its very impt to try to assess where your symptoms might come from - as i dont think anxiety is necessarily closely linked to your serotonin system as to gaba or dopamine. Not a dr of course but just something to think about. Some ppl do have great luck with ssris, i think it is best for 'classical depression'. But for me, and my issues for anxiety and mood, an SSRI would be unhelpful. (highly sensitive and bipolar) because they could actually make me more unstable, since i benefit more from raising my gaba and dopamine than serotonin.
I have been taking NAC and it's been a fantastic low level mood stabilizer. In fact i have postponed a psych appointment to try out a full on mood stabilizer b/c this has worked so well for me. It makes me feel less sensitive to things and more grounded, and i can think thru my reactions more. it is very cheap and very harmless, doesnt interact with much, and is therefore great thing to experiment with without much risk. and there is actually a lot of research on it
I have been on Citalopram in the past, was told that one should wean off of it but I just stopped, did not experience any withdrawal symptoms, return of depression, or other problems, so for me at least it was not in the slightest addictive but then many drugs seem to not affect me the same as they usually do other people.
It has a reputation for impairing short term memory and attention in some, however prozac does not. One should really only be on it for short periods as downregulation of the serotonergic system can take place however I've never had this problem after a few months use.
People on here being rude or insensitive is a character flaw of theirs not yours. I absolutely love it!!! I take Celexa and aniraceatm in the morning and feel great!! Not sure if you can get your hands on kratom but a very small amount works wonders. I've tried other racetams but antiracetim is my favorite. It's not hard to come off, ya just gotta do it;) takes about a week to start working, I do all mine in morning
As I know Buspar is a must with SSRI because buspar enhances the anti-deprressant effects, its an not benzodiazepine anxiolytic and diminishes or prevent the sexual side effects of SSRIs.
The positive effects of Citalopram: Orgasm inhibition, you will last a lot on it, but you will feel less.
It did reduce my response to anxiety producing situations but it also flattened me out. Withdrawal was awful -- Google "brain zaps", that's what I got. I would literally "hear" a buzz sound in my head and shifting my gaze caused gaps in vision. Night sweats, tensing my muscles, killing libido. Try lots of other things first.
I was recently prescribed Citalopram for anxiety, but didn't take it up, as I didn't want to go back on another SSRI or SNRI after personality side effects with fluoxetine and sertraline in the past - both changed the person who I was in negative ways and made me consume alcohol excessively. I have also been prescribed propranolol, but this gave me palpitations, cold flashes and dizziness.
I really want to try Moclobemide after reading many positive experiences on it, but trying to get a doctor to prescribe is proving difficult. I'm at the point of considering writing to my doctors and specifically asking for it or being given a reason why I can't have it.
Citalopram is a Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor.
Sceletium tortuosum,
& St Johns Wort do Reuptake Inhibition for:
Adrenal Hormones,
Ba Ji Tian is a Dopamine Reuptake Inhibitor.

For anxiety I recommend:
Suan Zao Ren,
& some good teapills like:
Xaio Chai Hu Tang Wan,
(Wan or Pian)
Gui Pi Wan.

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