Adrafinil users please share your experience.
I find it interesting how some people do not immediately respond to this drug because sometimes it takes repeated exposures before the liver properly converts significant amounts of the compound to Modafinil. (Citation needed, but who needs that when you have Reddit comments.)
I am finally starting to respond to it after the 4th time dosing 500 mg. How many times did it take you guys?
The first time I dosed it, I noticed a mild increase in sociability (placebo?). Hardly anything the 2nd and 3rd time. This last time, however, I am starting to feel increased concentration and definite social confidence. I think caffeine puts it to shame in terms of wakefulness promotion, though. (Isn't this where Adrafinil is supposed to excel? Sigh.) Overall, it doesn't do too much for my physical brain fog feelings or anhedonia (fair enough). It is pretty good at promoting focus, though. I may be able to use it as a substitute for my Adderall when I enroll in grad school. Hopefully I'm not merely trading neurotoxicity for hepatotoxicity.
The owner of Ceretropic has hinted at developing an analogue of Modafinil which should curtail any liver OR legal risks, so I think I'll hold out before buying any more -afinil products.
I take 300mg dosage with caffeine, let's me approach work on four hours sleep as if I'd had a full night of sleep (I don't do that often but occasionally sleep decides it wants nothing to do with me). have given friends that when they had exams on and they'd assumed id laced it with something else because they had extremely productive evenings :P it works, it's just not immediately obvious, you don't feel jacked up like you do taking stims
Right. I try to keep in mind that no -afinil is meant to be a traditional stimulant. (FlModafinil may be an exception though.) I am weary about combining it with caffeine because, ultimately, I wanted to use adrafinil on different days to limit my tolerance to caffeine, which has been the best mood booster I have ever touched. Because of that, I have always tried to use it sparingly.
if your are healty really healty you will reponde to drugs such as adrafinil realy quickily it did for me i almost did't sleep for to 2day because of adrafinil lolz on the first dose
Interesting, I hadn't heard of this before... But it doesn't sound impossible; taking adrafinil when you're on hormonal birth control is discouraged because the upregulation of the enzymes causes the birth control hormones to be broken down faster.
My experience, see copy from reddit: I've started taking adrafinil about once a week when I wake up and about once a month will take a dose in the evening to pull an all nighter. It doesn't seem to bother my sleep at all. Interestingly enough, in between it and taking 3 to 6mg of melatonin 2-3 times a week I'm having better sleep than I have all year.
I think I'm getting less of the pesky adrenergic/histaminergic side effects but it always makes me snotty for a day or two afterwards (I already have sinus issues so this is problematic and another reason to not use too often). It's perfect for hours of organizing/filing/paper stacking and cleaning and turns me into a tunnel-visioned writing freak which for a guy who gets paid by the word comes in handy on occasion.
I'm concerned about long term use. Hoping once a week isn't a lot especially at the dose I use. I DO NOT consider the -ifinil family nootropics. They are certainly productivity enhancers and cognitive boosters but then so is methylphenidate for that matter. Certainly doesn't mean that long term use (even long term occasional use) is necessarily a good idea.
A good rule of thumb is that Adrafinil will continue to exert effects on you for a period of time equal to five half-lives after ingestion. This does not mean you will feel the desired effects for that period of time, just that it takes that long for your body to return to "normal".

The half life Adrafinil is reviewed to be about 15 hours. Meaning it will be "out of your system" in a little over three full days.
If you're taking it once a week you are still spending most of your time (four days out of seven) not under the influence. That would seem like a sustainable average for me, but always pay attention to how you feel. If it feels like you are building a tolerance or not getting what you used to out of it cut back.
Experience: tried it a few times and Adrafinil was 50/50 effectiveness for me. Flmoda has been around 75% effective (fewer "misfires" and better effects in low dose) and is most of my experience with the afinils. Just for a preventative measure (and for increasing glutathione, improving mitochondrial health, etc) recently added NAC and Milk Thistle back into my daily stack. Liver health is important but generally alcohol is the biggest risk to that.
Adrafinil worked for me and everyone I've given it to but it's not sustainable. Plus Tolerance builds quickly.
Im in Canada and have gotten modafinil online which is a much better option. But it's not something your going to want to use consistently
Adra is very subtle, the only time I can tell I have taken it is when I try to go to sleep. So it can be useful as it's intended, a wakefulness agent. One nice attribute is it really enhanced Racetams. PhenylP + Adra is good and Ani + Adra is also nice.
I've only used Adrafinil a couple times so far, my review -taking ~300mg on an empty stomach. Each time I experienced discomfort in my stomach. So much so that it distracted me and I couldn't appreciate any cognitive benefits it may have had. That being said, I also took a few other supplements at the same time instead of just testing adrafinil. You might need to take it will a little food to avoid that discomfort, but it's different for everyone
Don't expect it to be like caffeine or so. It won't give you a subjective feeling of being awake or alert, but you will focus on your work (or whatever you are doing) till you are so tired you can't continue :)
I titrated the dose to my needs, 100-125mg is a threshold dose. At that level, I can forget that I took it, until I notice the brain fog is gone, and I am able to get work done. It will be metabolized in about 8-10 hours, and I can sleep then. I have noticed that I have more of a tendency to wake in the middle of the night after taking it even 16 hrs before.
It didn't work for me, very disappointing. I did finally get some modalert and modafinil, those worked pretty well with attention and "energy" but I never took it every day. I ran through quite a few noots trying to treat the ADD, finally I got an rx for Adderall and that hits the spot.
My wife tried adrafinil and it did nothing for her. Adderall works. At the expense of anxiety and insomnia, but it works, and she never uses it on the weekends or vacations to fend off dependency. It's just a question of whether your inability to focus has such a bad impact on your life that it's worth the tradeoff.
I used to take 300mg more often but now that i know what to expect i usually take 600mg on a day when i have a lot on my shoulders. But 300mg helps on any day!
Here is my adrafinil today review:
Day 1 on Adrafinil: At 7AM I took 100mg of caffeine in the morning just to be able to wake up and get off bed. My husband has RLS and last night he was just kicking it. Ha. Sucker.
7:30AM I took 300mg of Adrafinil
8AM One cup of coffee. I did not need it, but I love the flavor. I was awake but foggy. Fully functional though.
9AM Bright awake. Happy. Moving, getting things done.
1PM Took another 300mg of Adrafinil. I did not feel I needed it, but since it takes longer to take effect I did not want to pass out on my desk or have micro sleeps.
2PM Lunch and half a can of Coke Zero.
3PM Bright awake. Moving, working, completing my tasks.
4:30PM Cup of coffee. I decided to have it Heck I should be in route to the gym and instead I am typing here, it's 7PM.
All day long I have been happy, moving, feeling productive, dancing while driving. I feel the same as when I was taking Modafinil; the only difference is that my mouth is watery and my teeth feel a little sensitive. My eyes feel dry, I wear contacts, but just as dry as Modafinil made them.
I have not had ANY micro sleeps! I was getting several micro sleeps and disoriented moments while on Nuvigil, 5hr energy and 5 cups of coffee a day.
I noticed it a bit, I take 300-350 mg dose of adrafinil and I'm on it right now. My housemate took 600 mg and hardly felt anything. not too stimmy, and I can sleep on it

On the other hand, my friend who I wanted to take modafinil tried it, and she noticed it at just 100 mg dose! she thought 50 would be right for her, but bad taste + toxicity meant she won't even try it again. She's inching closer to switching to modafinil from adderall though, (pill scrip from a doc though)
My first test using Adrafinil produced meaningless results, because I came down with a 48-hour bug that skewed the results.
Today I restarted my test. As I mentioned previously, I don't have equipment that is precise enough to measure 150mg, so instead, I measured 300mg, dissolved it in one cup of carbonated water (Adrafinil is acid-soluble, but not water-soluble), and I drank a half-cup of the solution. It tasted vaguely like grapefruit juice.
I haven't noticed any negative effects. My daily Sudoku exercises went significantly faster than they have recently, but not nearly as fast as I was able to do them pre-injury. I don't think that proves anything other than today was a good day. Consistent results over three or more weeks constitutes meaningful results. One day doesn't say much.
The reason I'm testing Adrafinil is so I can maintain the necessary level of modafinil that my doctor prescribed, and that my own experience has verified is the minimum I can function with, after Medicare refused to pay for more than half the prescribed dose that I have depended on for several years.
Adrafinil is metallized into modafinil, and so it is essentially the same drug, however is considered to be less likely to be abused, because it is much slower acting. I'm taking my first dose of modafinil in the morning as I've always done, but now that medicare won't pay for the second half of my prescription, instead of taking my second dose of modafinil at noon, I'm taking it in the form of adrafinil in the morning, giving the slower acting form of the drug time to kick in at noon when I need it.
Thankfully, adrafinil is a well understood drug that had been in regular use world wide since the early 70's, and it is considered to be one of the safest stimulants. It does not require a prescription, and a one month supply costs $6.00 whereas the equivalent amount of modafinil would have cost somewhere in the range of $900.00 a month!
Root beer is not a good substitute for carbonated water. Adrafinil won't dissolve in it. I'm guessing the root beer releases too much of its carbonation, or possibly that the particles of adrafinil catalyze faster release of the carbonation. Whatever the reason, the root beer went flat after adding the adrafinil, and it happened instantly, with no noticeable foaming.

Some day I'll look into how that was possible, but the lesson for today is to stick with sugar-free Mountain Dew to dissolve adrafinil. I added vinegar to the root beer so the adrafinil would dissolve. It doesn't taste very good (understatement) but I immediately washed it down with more unadulterated root beer.

I also tried using a balance to measure the dose, but I couldn't get the needle to move when changing the balance weight less than 20mg, which meant I still have the same issue with the balance that I have with the digital scale. The scale lacks the precision necessary to measure a 150mg dose. Since the digital scale is easier to use, I measured 300mg (to the nearest 5mg) with the digital scale, and added it to a cup of liquid so I could measure half the liquid to get the appropriate 150mg dose (which the body metabolizes into 210 mg of Modafinil), which approximately matches the prescribed 200 mg of Modafinil that Medicare won't cover. (I actually measured 290mg, which after cutting the solution in half would result in the equivalent of a 203mg dose of Modafinil, but I did the calculation after the fact. At the time, I was just choosing to be satisfied with a quantity slightly under 300.)
The Adrafinil test is providing mixed results. Initially, the drug obviously works, and even appears to work better than Modafinil. It doesn't kick in nearly as quickly, but it seems to stay with me longer (which is opposite what I have read about it). When using Modafinil alone, my average time to complete a moderately difficult Sudoku puzzle is between 10 to 30 minutes, but on days when I have been taking the Adrafinil, my average time is less than six minutes. In addition, I find no need to write my "50% certain" notes in the squares, because it takes just about as long to reason out the uncertainty as it takes to write the notes. I'm also frequently seeing the solutions at a glance, rather than having to reason them out. On Modafinil, I often think I see solutions at a glance, but I end up having to erase my entries and start over, which is the difference between the puzzles that take ten minutes, and the ones that take 30 minutes. The Adrafinil works about the same as Modafinil in terms of allowing me to stay awake and focused, but I'm clearly more productive when taking the Adrafinil, which makes no sense, since Adrafinil is the same drug once metabolized.

Unfortunately, two trials in a row, I have gotten flu-like symptoms starting with an increasingly bad headache that has started both times on the 4th day of taking 150mg of Adrafinil. This affect might make sense if my body isn't getting rid of it as fast as it gets rid of Modafinil, but since Adrafinil is the same drug once it has been metabolized, there must be some other factor.
I'm not going to take the drug tomorrow morning, and when I try it for the last time, I'm going to cut the dose in half. If the drug seems to be working at that dose, then I'll continue with it, but I'm not going to continue testing it if I continue having negative side-effects. This next test will be my last. I'm also thinking I should talk with my doctor about scheduling blood tests for liver and kidney function soon.
I woke this morning with some vertigo, so I skipped the Adrafinil. I'm drinking extra fluids to try to get the vertigo under control. I know how to self-correct vertigo, but the last time I tried it, I did it wrong, and made it much worse, so before I attempt that again, I'm going to see if getting myself adequately hydrated takes care of the problem.
I started my third and final test this morning, this time taking 75 mg of Adrafinil by dissolving 300 mg in 2 cups of diet Mountain Dew, and drinking a half-cup of the solution. It is my hope that at the reduced dose, the gradual accumulation versus gradual elimination of the drug will be equivalent to a 150 mg daily dose. Previously the drug worked better than expected, but unacceptable side-effects began on the fourth day of taking the drug. I am continuing to take half (200 mg) of my prescribed 400 mg dose of Modafinil. the other half of the 400 mg prescribed dose to be metabolized from the Adrafinil. Both drugs are considered very safe. Modafinil is a controlled substance. Adrafinil has been used by the US military and in other countries since the early 1970's and is also considered to be very safe, but with a potential risk of liver damage with long-term use at 300 mg daily. Since Medicare declined to pay for my 400 mg prescription, only agreeing to pay for half the dose, which I already know is inadequate as a treatment for symptoms of traumatic brain injury, adrafinil is my only legal recourse.
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