Anyone recommend Alpha Brain stack? Please share your reviews. Or anything else that's similar to this but better? Mental clarity?
The Alpha brain stack subjectively speaking hasn't worked even a little for me. I bought it because I'm an avid listener of joes organs podcast and I find Aubrey Marcus interesting however nothing absolutely nothing. As for brain nerd, I requested a sample pack they gave me 2 days worth and it was okay. Nothing too crazy
I use it and notice benefits with regard to memory and concentration but a lot of people on here claim it's BS. If it works for you then it works
I can't fault it.
Don't bother with alpha Brian. Start off with a choline source and maybe a racetam. ALCAR, phenylracetam, piracetam if you can get it, Aniracetam, alpha gpc, noopept. I started off with this before starting with the expensive shit
I thought alpha brain was complete shit lmao, ive heard some people like it but im not a fan. I love noopept and modafinil for this guy haha
Research the ingredients for Alpha brain and Onnit, buy them individually in bulk and *CHEAP* powder. Try them one at a time to assess what works for you. Avoid branded mixes, they are often under dosed, poor mixes, overpriced or simply dn't work.
There are exceptions but that my 0.02c. You can buy gelatin caps if you absolutely want to take your nootropics in pill form
Went with Alpha Brain. Simple, effective, and interfaces well with caffeine, noopept, and coluracetam that I'm taking currently. I also picked up some "G Fuel" which is basically caffeine, no sugar, some electrolytes and anti oxidants, plus some vinpocetine. Posted review on reddit.
UPDATE Noopept helped me cram a lot but the combo of the few:

Alpha Brain, Caffeine, Noopept + Coluracetam
Helped me complete the 15 week course in about 8-9 weeks. However, with my personality, and learning coding (very addictive) I burnt myself out and at Thanksgiving/Winter/Christmas/New Years/2017/February... it all just sort of few by because I just stopped going. I was broken. Literally at Thanksgiving I just stopped. So, my point: I learned a lot, I've toned it down and since gotten back on the horse, so to speak, and will be taking NA-Selank at this stage. I feel I'd developed a public anxiety, even though I can "spit gold"... I
I like it. I just found it was cheaper/more beneficial to drop the racetam and source the active ingredients myself.
Yeah I agree the price of Alpha brain stacks is a touch high . but a good placeto start all the same , esp. considering the money back guarantee
Alpha Brain was my gateway supplement to the racetam family. I always keep some around and probably take it once per week or so.
My girlfriend and I took it for 4 months and although their was an improvement it just doesn't seem to give us the focus like Live Cortex. Live Cortex seems to give you a Zen like focus where Alpha Brain improves your speech. Live Cortex on the other hand not only improves cognition it also increases vocal acuity.
I just see a lot of people on here doing stupid things , People buying everything including the kitchen sink worth of Nootropics with no fucking idea what they're doing. Not very smart (Oh the irony) For any noob it's best to keep it simple stupid, now that's smart. At least in the beginning..
I've tried Alpha brain , a few years ago now.. Didn't mind it.. If I could afford it I would love to experiment on a longer term basis.. Anyway, if people have any positive or negative feedback on Alpha Brain, lets hear it.
I have never tried Alpha brain I personally take Nitrovit as my herb/natural based input along side a racetam or something else. I take it more for the caffeine (yes I know I can just take caffeine) but I like the extra tiny boost I get and the boost is noticeable for me but I haven't taken it long so I don't know how long that will continue long-term. It would be interesting if someone tried all these types and made a review of them each just to see what, if anything, they get from them. I've seen a few peddling mastermind on here (I believe it's got an MLM attached which I'm not against as I have a business of my own) but I've noticed they're extremely pushy about it. One added me as a friend and messaged me and then proceeded to practically beg me to join his business model while simultaneously putting mine down in a very uncouth way. I subtly called him on it and he back peddled a little. Funny thing is, the guy that started mastermind is a multi gold medal Olympian who also happens to be a former Speedskating coach of mine. I just expected the dude that contacted me to know him but I guess a lot of these guys have never even seen him before. I'm still super tempted to talk to him about it and have him do a quick ethics check on his salespeople. One thing you never do is put down another business someone else you're trying to butter up is a part of. It's unethical and off-putting. Needless to say, I wasn't sold. Not to say he was a jerk, he was just trained poorly.
I took alpha brain for 6 months and then neuroflexin for a couple of months... But it was Dr. Amen's Brain and Memory Boost that really made a difference for me.
I've tried to take 2 capsules of Alpha-brain but I didn't get any remarkable effects. I will try to add Phenylpiracetam as suggested in one comment
AlphaBrain kicked off lucid dreams for me. Through the roof. I hadn't had such great ones in 20 years. It tailed off to more of an occasional thing after about a month, but if I take it out of my stack for a couple of days I get a great one the first night back on.
^^^^ That! You can purchase all of the ingredients of Alpha Brain separately(may be more money because of individual bulk pricing), but you'll have a supply of nootropics/amino acids/herbs/adaptogens etc,. for much longer.
I've liked all the Onnit products I've tried. Alpha brain was my first noot experience, New Mood is great for getting to sleep after a heavy weekened, Shroomtech and T+ were the best PWO stack I've ever used.

However, they are very expensive for what they are.

A lot of the 'proprietary blend' style of nootropics could be easily replicated using bulk ingredients and would probably bring the cost down significantly.
I don't like Alpha Brain formulas because certain ingredients can give me a headache or other badness at various dosage sizes and I have a hard time figuring out what if they are all lumped together. Now I try noots individually and stack myself to find out what works for me.
not really good stack or maybe it affects people differently, I had better luck doing what Dave Asprey was talking about with mixing butter, coconut oil and coffee together
The effects of alpha brain were light, but definitely noticable. I noticed myself being outspoken far more then I normally am within two days of using it, among that, I felt very motivated and relaxed at the same time. Tasks didn't feel intimidating. Personally however, you can buy the main ingredients of alpha brain (see reddit vendors) separately for cheaper and build your own stack. What alpha brain offers is alright, but for the price, it's far too expensive.
Pre-mix stacks are pointless. It takes a little time and money to build your own stack, but in the long run it's worth the money to personalize a stack and cap it yourself. These things don't effect any two people exactly the same so what worked for the alpha brain guys may effect you differently.

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