OK guys.
What is a 'beginners' dose for the following combination of Nootropics??
Alpha GPC choline
Piracetam you could literally eat pounds and be ok. Avg dose used in studies is 4.8g or 5g.

Aniracetam is around 750-1.5g depending on how you react.

Alpha GPC dose *should* be based on racetam dose and personal tolerance. 0-500mg I think.
When you combine Racetams, shoot for the lower end of dosing recommends. I usually take 1.5g Piracetam + 325 Aniracetam + 350 Alpha GPC + 500 Oxi. Piracetam is focus, Aniracetam is mild relaxation, Oxi improves processing speed. Actually, I'm doing this stack now + Selank.
You might not be able to get 350mg aniracetam capsules. Mine were 750. It is a good starting dose I found. I used it with 500mg piracetam and 30mg noopept because as stated above, the racetams potentiate each other so you need less overall if used in conjunction :)

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