Is aniracetam combined with noopept a good idea to improve overall mental performance during a three month study?
Aniracetam didn't work well for me. Even though fasoracetam seems expensive, the amount you need is so little that on a daily basis it is not, plus it builds inverse tolerance so over time you need even less. I started at 20mg, now 5mg suffices.
Yes, if I were to try any racetam combination it would be aniracetam. I'd like to try noopept in higher dose range as it is fairly affordable
I see so many racetams that I find it hard to choose. Seems aniracetam has the greatest half life.
It is, which racetams work well for you though is highly individual. Many who use aniracetam find that it stacks well with oxiracetam. Fasoracemtam often stacks well with coluracetam for those for whom the latter work (for me coluracetam is not very effective), and people sometimes find stacking piracetam with other racetams will potentiate the other more expensive racetam. Just keep in mind racetams will make your brain go through choline faster so you will benefit from adding a choline source. Even if you don't get the famous noot headaches, choline has been shown to increase the effectiveness of piracetam and other racetams in numerous studies.
It's good to determine individually what works for you first. If noopept or a particular racetam aren't effective for you then no point in combining ineffective substances. Also, even when they bind to the same receptor they do not necessarily bind in the same way or affect the receptor in the same way. If you've used different racetams you would know the effects can be quite different.
Personally I do reduce the dosage below what is optimal for each individually, piracetam by itself around 4000mg / day would be good, but with 5mg faso, I reduce to about 1600mg sometimes 2400mg if I have any residual tinnitus. The racetams tend to act differently in some subtle ways but also have overlap and tend to potentiate each other to some degree. If you end up with headaches or brain fog that's a good clue it's too much.
racetams tend to work on the same cholinergic and NMDA receptor sites. the receptors will become increasingly insensitive more than your hypothesis of using noopept. This happens because the molecular stuctures are completely different with noopept and thus the mechanisms of action are completely different. I think having a racetam and using noopept would be a good balance. Especially because noopept has very little decline in it's effect over time unlike the racetams. Just make sure to include the stabilizing supplements. Since youre on this thread, i dont think i need to explain that. Hope this helps.

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