My Dr wants to wait to see if I absolutely need it because there are"lots of side effects from Nuvigil, especially Gambling" wtf? Do you have any side effects from Nuvigil?
It makes hormonal birth control stop working because it clears the hormones out faster. So if you rely on BC, you may want to consider your options. I got bad headaches the first few days on each dosage. Each dosage only worked for about as long as the headaches lasted, so I had to bump up to Adderall instead. I'm glad I switched, I really didn't want to trade in the NuvaRing for an IUD.
Armodafinil gives headaches for sure the first few days... I have noticed that I can't always remember things as well... I seem to lose my train of thought faster... Weight loss at first... Trouble sleeping at first... Jittery... It goes on and on...

After about 3 weeks I leveled out and am feeling a lot better.
hat side effect doesn't show up on any of the pharmacy databases I have access to through grad school. There are some drugs for Parkinson's that do cause impulsive behaviors like gambling, but that side effect hasn't been shown in nuvigil nor does it have a similar mechanism.
Armodafinil was terrible for me. It made me dizzy, headaches and I honestly experienced a level of dehydrated that I didn't think possible lol 20x worse than adderall. Also just so you know modafinil and armodafinil are for people with less daytime sleepiness. The more severe the daytime sleepiness the more likely you are to need adderall, ritilan etc. so if adderall doesn't work for you then I don't think armoda would be the answer.
I have been off and on it for the past two years. The only side effect I noticed was being more thirsty. Also I lost 45 pounds on it, then gained part of it back when I stopped it because of insurance. The only time I had a headache from it was when we increased the dose from 150 to 250. The doctor had me break the pill in half and take part in the morning and the other part at lunch time. Taking it like that would give headaches. When it wears off for the day I crash hard often falling asleep as soon as I get home from work, and if I fight the sleepiness I am miserable.

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