Armodafinil VS Nuvigil? 
I know Armodafinil is the generic for Nuvigil, but I also know they're not exactly the same. Input please! 
Only thing that differs armodafinil and Nuvigil is the inactive ingredients. All active ingredients are the same. This doesn't mean they will all work the same for every individual, however.
I've done both and find nuvigil had more inconsistencies than the armodafinil, a generic version...May have been a fluke. I've done both and say generic is good.
I haven't had the brand name, but so far I'm happy with the generic!
After insurance & a coupon, brand name Nuvigil was cheaper for me before the new year.
I have yet to find out how much the brand name would be with my insurance changes. I'm told that I HAVE to go armodafinil generic before my insurance would consider going back to brand name.
The armodafinil gave me really bad brain fog ALL the time. I was constantly confused. The Nuvigil at a lower dose worked really well for me but my insurance wouldn't cover it
Our personal experience was that name brand had fewer dips during the day, as compared to the generic brand. The gb would cause 5-20 minutes dips throughout the day where it just didn't seem to be working as well. But with the high cost sometimes ya gotta do what u can. And not everyone's body respond the same to all meds. Good luck

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