In response to this current phenomenon of people comparing racetams and other nootropics to NZT, I feel as if I must inform all of you that Artvigil is boss.

I still take it with Piracetam sometimes, but today I took one and ended up at my local bookstore, taking tons of detailed notes on a book that I'm reading for my Computer Science class. After that, I will move on to Chemistry and History (I might end up doing history first because I want to ace that shit so bad).

On Artvigil, my notes are way more obsessive and detailed compared to if I was just taking racetams alone.

Yes. It's a newer form compared to Waklert. I like racetams, but I don't really find them as effective for intense study sessions.

I know they have more neuroprotective effects, but I've been really getting into armodafinil recently because of the intense focus and discipline that it provides me with.
Writing tl;dr comments seems standard for me. I wonder what change would result if I took that.

Hopefully better logical and mathematical reasoning.
My Artvigil is wearing off. I don't really think that stuff like Modafinil alone is going to automatically make someone write lengthy posts on FB, but I've been noticing it happen to me a lot recently (even when I was just taking racetams). I can see stuff like Moda exaggerating speech verbosity due to the significant boost in cognitive function.
But it's not normal for me to sit still and take notes for several hours at a time. I pace around a lot and had that problem since childhood so using Moda actually managed to keep me centered.
I'm not on Modafinil or any other synthetic noots; just probiotics, vitamin c and turmeric for me atm. I'm generally too verbose naturally and have had to consciously curb that.

Verbosity can be a double edged sword: I've been told by many people that I'm articulate but I also tend to elaborate a lot and have difficulty being succinct (most people don't want the long, in depth answer lol)
I have trouble being succinct, too. Most of the time, I'm immersed in schoolwork rather than being in social settings most of the time. But I haven't been feeling up to going to a social gathering recently due to school just starting.
I also have gotten more into meditation and I find it helpful near the end of my day.
I can relate; I just started law school and there's tons of reading but I force myself to go to social events otherwise I just keep putting it off. Have you used dual n-back?
I heard good things about it, but I'm skeptical about most brain training stuff (unless it involves brainwave entrainment via binaural beat audio generators like SBaGen and Gnaural).
I was able to come across two customized "NZT" presets for SBaGen from an online source and their effects are much more pronounced while using racetams. i'm not certain about how those presets affect Modafinil, since there is already a productivity-boosting effect going on.

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