For all the Gym Rats out there.
Best focus/Preworkout mind booster? Looking for motivation and focus without too much stimulation.

But obviously that's stimulatory. Try rhodiola rosea 1 hr before workout. Pure Dextrose powder, Maltodextrin and electrolytes in your water


Big noise preworkout is great. Also L-Arginine is a vasodilator (meaning makes your veins grow so more blood to your muscles). Creatine will give a pump. B-vitamins at least an hour before. Some people (I’m one) respond very strongly to magnesium malate. Cayenne pepper will give you a metabolic boost. Beet root powder, if high quality and organic I can’t stress that enough, will kick your ass— Juice will too but it’s spoils fast.


Limitless. by Innovapharm. Has phenylpiracetam in there preworkout formula. It used to be better with there dmha formula But its still pretty good for focus. I combine it with another dmha preworkout.


 Well this doesn't fit the bill and it's for young people who can take the stimulating effects. Ephedrine, Aspirin, Caffeine (ECA) stack, that'll get you moving.

They work synergistically and one helps the other defeat the body's strategy to slow you down.

This isn't medical advice, for information purposes only. I'm not a Doctor nor do I play one in my room in my mother's house out in the middle of nowhere. Where a person could scream for help and NOBODY would hear them. So you think what I wrote is a good start to my online dating? ☺


Been playing with alpha gpc. I think I like it. My pre workout has got to be beta-alanine and agmatine, the pumps are sick. I like DMAA if you can find it or DMAE focus is great without caffeine "crawlies." Blackstone Labs Angel Dust is the shizzle but too expensive when you can make your own. Oh creatine.


Redcon1's Big Noise is the ultimate for this. it is all pump/focus supps without any direct stimulants allowing you to titrate dosage of stimulant of your choice, or just take none, when training.

Apart from that, 4 Sigmatic mushroom blends... or very small amounts of uhh... other mushrooms.. has proven to be an amazing pre-workout boost as well


My preworkout stack is all this mixed into nearly a liter of water:

Electrolyte powder

L carnitine (about 700-100mg)

L creatine (" ")

Potassium citrate

Two capsules of my multivitamin which has a lot of b vitamins

2-1000mg capsules of tyrosine

Really helps with lifts, endurance, and focus. If I'm feeling extra crazy I'll drink a little green tea too but I don't like to rely on caffeine much


Here is my pre-workout. Beta alanine 1-2g, l arginine 1-2g, creatine10-20g, citrulline malate 8g, l theanine 2g, choline 1g and a squirt of mio caffeine lemon lime sport for taste.


I had success with NALT+ALCAR combo, but caffeine is really essential. AND .. 

I would advise to stay away from pre-workout blends. After almost two years of taking nootropics I can tell that those guys have no idea what they are doing putting those compounds into pre-workout .. 

.. you will build tolerance to plenty of good nootropics and other compounds plus you may develop side-effects as with any nootropics. 

If you take nootropics don't take blends just make your own that way you can control the cycling of the substances to avoid tolerance and side-effects.


Coincidentally I have been contemplating about this just recently maybe even yesterday. I have seen some promo for a pre-workout and it has great stuff in it and pretty big dosages and I have immediately realized that's pretty unsustainable stack to take. 

If you take nootropics you already take many of those compounds so you don't want to ruin the effectiveness of them or run into side effects by taking a pre-workout that has the same compounds and high dosages.

Some guys workout 5-6 days a week so if you would take that pre-workout pretty much every day you will run into side-effects eventually plus if you would like to take the same compounds for special occasions or work it would not work anymore pretty quickly. 

You have to cycle nootropics (most of them) and I doubt it says that on the product to cycle the pre-workout after weeks or months of use. (Maybe I am wrong) If it has too much stuff in it you will have to cycle off from all those compounds limiting your options to take when you cycle off.


750mg Agmatine Sulphate / 500mg L-Tyrosine / 100mg Caffeine / 200mg L-Theanine / 1.5g White meang Da Kratom / B100 complex / Essential amino acids pre/intra/post


I've tried lots of pre workout drinks and made my own with caffeine, l-glutamine, Citrulline Malate, arganine and creatine but nothing not even ephidrene works better for me than a small strong coffee such as double espresso

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