Best nootropic stacks for memory focus and concentration
Depends on which ones work for you to give you focus. Not everyone the same therefore I could rattle off an encyclopedia of compounds that have worked for me subjectively but may prove of little use to your person.

I enjoy my combination of moclobemide, seligiline memantine dmae bitartrate armodafinil bacopa black pepper theanine mag glycinate fasoractem, coluracetam, etc etc. Its all trial and error, honestly. Check out medpub for clinical studies on your compounds of interest and start trialing things out.

Check each individually before stacking so you know what each compound by itself does for you then you can figure out and extropolate from there and trial what may be synergistic for you.
this gives me laser focus and photographic recall. Others would say they never could find their way past the initial effect of say..... The memantine to get thru the threshold and in to the beneficial effects.
Nothing wrong with questions about what's unknown to you, everyone begins somewhere and I began years back. Be careful, use trusted vendors, always allergy test and utilize the shulgan protocol to ensure safety. These are all drugs in that they modify your chemistry for an effect so respecting that fact is key.
If it improves mental performance then, for me, it is relevant. Modafinil does that. I do not care if it meets the strict definition of a nootropic: I am not an ideologue, I am an experimenter. I also like Magnesium even if it is a food-mineral-supplement and not a nootropics. At some point in time, if a product is not for you because you do not want to use it that is fine. Trying to convince me not to use something because it doesn't meet a definition or is not FDA approved is another story.
chanting in sitting meditation for 40 minutes per day, clearing your mind of all thoughts - at which point - most of the noots you take will have an effect which you've never experienced before... then again, much of life will as well ... oh, and don't forget exercise. Absolutely everything you get for nothing - you will pay a much higher price for - later. I promise, without caution - you will come to agree with that - quite often - too late.
Sometimes the effective things are actually those prescribed by your doctor. Finding a good psych doc that can prescribe and making it clear what types of things you will try is probably worth it. Having never started on dopamine agonists you shouldnt have to if you dont want to, but trying a good reuptake inhibitor may actually solve a lot of your issues. Not a "cure" but its much more sustainable long term, and just like Memantine they may be synthetic in nature but that does not make them evil. Another notable I have found out about recently is Guanfacine, sort of a different mechanism at play there but its talked about on some nootropic boards as being worthwhile for people with ADHD.
N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, ALCAR, caffeine, l-theanine, sulbutiamine, rhodiola, ginseng, yohimbine, centrophenoxine, DL-Phenylalanine, methylated/co-enzymated B vitamin complex, DHA/EPA, uridine, choline, gotu kola, holy basil, ginseng, schizandra, and cordyceps are all useful
For better memory:
Pycnogenol, Krill oil,
Bacopa Monnieri,
Huperzine A (from Huperzine Serrata plant);
whole food source of choline (yes I'm rethinking my stance on choline) - recommend pumpkin seeds;
For focus:
Lion's mane,
Green tea,
Bonus - Nervous system support for job related stress:
reduced CoQ10 (supports cellular (mitochondrial) energy release, stabilises blood pressure, assists regeneration of healthy blood vessels - very important for regenerating neurons involved in memory with pre-frontal cortex)
organic magnesium complex (stabilises blood pressures, reduces anxiety/assists calmness - also supports focus through that)
homeopathic melatonin (improves quality of sleep)
Aniracetam is a good bet for taking the edge off things while still being a very effective cog-enhancer. Someone has a bell curve named after them that describes what i believe you're experiencing. You are "over stimulated", by double stacking caffeine supplements the associated jitteriness negates much of benefits of the rest of your stack.

Not to mention the crash. Theobromine/phylline are xanthines that might be options if you need additional get up n go with less crash. Or.... "Doc-meal"!!!! You make oatmeal with instant coffee as "flavoring" (I like the maple brown sugar). You make it the night before, let it sit in the fridge overnight to homogenize, and then warm it up in the AM before a big day.
Dirt cheap starch based sustained release ROA.
Depending on how strongly you respond to it Aniracetam. Both improves focus and is anti-anxiety. Some people get sedation and some get really strong stimulation though so you have to test yourself. Most common reaction is more balancing and if it doesnt do that for you then maybe Picamilon would be more consistent
I would say that you try PRL-8-53 since many people have reported a boost in short term memory and the effects last a while, I personally have felt my memory get better when I'm simply more focused on stuff like racetams (Oxi is my fav)
Take 10 minutes break every hour, don't overwork. Get enough sleep. Supplements: Bacopa monnieri, theanine, ALCAR, Triacetyluridine, Trimethylglycine, Methylfolate, fresh ground Black pepper, Chew fresh ginger root, eat lots of Cinnamon on cereal, coffee or simply toss and wash (these three spices improve cognition and are healthy) Nutmeg nut (fresh) in lower doses may also help. As for racetams: Fasoracetam, Phenylpiracetam, Pramiracetam, Aniracetam, Oxiracetam are amongst the most specialized/potent. For more drug-like supplements I use moclobemide, selegiline, memantine. Don't take stimulants, at least chronically (including caffeine, unless it's very little like having tea), also reduce sugar intake in favor of fats like coconut oil. Make sure to get as many vitamins as possible, and make sure you are absorbing them (take after meals, with fats, after black pepper etc...). Personally I use kyani for it's great absorption, but regular vitamins & minerals would work with the absorption enhancers mentionned. Above all, believe in yourself and keep motivation strong
For focus I recommend fasoracetam, 20mg for the first two weeks, then cut back to 10mg for the next two months, then 5mg, your body becomes more sensitive to it rather than less, inverse tolerance. For memory, PRL-8-53, 5mg/day but don't take more than two days without a break, else your brain will be so busy dreaming trying to consolidate and integrate new memories that you don't get the deep sleep you need.
Exercise,mindfulness,alpha gpc and/or citocholine,HIGH dose vit B 12 methyl form,high dose all good antioxidants and essentail vits for brain and nervous system such as ALL B vits ,Vit c pure ascorbic acid 500mg or so and others,Omega 3 oils,fish oils.
Then possibly move to modafinil and a WELL researched racetam if you tolerate

Study first on how to build new synaptic pathways

Cycle and be safe
There is no best. Stacks are essentially untested in scientific settings and studies. Many nootropics that are taken have no human studies at all and even things like noopept that have been in some studies haven't been studied enough to know if tolerance ever builds up. Because most haven't been tested against each other there is also not a clear option for which is better or even significantly different.
Strattera, sulbutiamine NAD+. Gotta be wise with what your taking along side Strattera though such as Prozac and most other SSRI'S isn't a wise idea.
L-Theanine and Caffeine is a great starter stack, helping you stay focused, concentrated and energized! If your looking for an all natural stack St. John’s Wart and Ashwagandha is a great one, that will enhance mood, reduce anxiety and help you relax.

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