What is the best nutropic for brain inflammation & brain fog?
I take each day tumeric pill, eating few brazil nuts and eating at least 2 eggs (choline)
and currently having like a mega brain fog
Make sure you're having at least 2-3L/day of water, plenty of sleep, stay away from alcohol and drugs, especially weed. Get into coffee drinking, it'll help keep the brainfog away, and if you don't workout, start. Have some Alpha GPC, might help a little bit.

I had severe brainfog for years and did the above and it eradicated it. Depending on the cause, it should heal it.

**Also, get blood tests for all hormones and minerals+vitamins to ensure it's all okay.

***Last resort is Modafinil.
How are you sure it's inflammation? I only ask because I thought I just needed the right treatment for my brain fog and it turned out that I've had fibromyalgia for years. Brain fog mostly due to sleep deprivation and chronic pain. So consider searching for the reason first while you have fewer variables to deal with, and optimize supplements and nootropics later.
I'm not really sure but from what I've read, the brain fog is mostly from inflammation

looking at the fibromyalgia symptoms, I only relate to the sleeping cognitive & memory issues (which can be due to the sleeping issue), I eat very healthy, workout and currently have adequate sleeping hours (started long work vacation),

I've also looked into adrenal fatigue (test levels are low but in range), my iron levels in a bit out of the upper range, same is for my bilirubin levels, currently I supplement with tumeric, NAC (not every day), omega 3, coconut oil, zinc, potassium, magnesium.

I try to be sensitive to my body and do my best to treat well, I tried several assumptions as metal toxicity, adrenal fatigue, gut healing, but none was the answer.

Getting a good open minded practitioner is hard and I currently have no clue for the reason of those major brain and sleeping issues
What is the sleeping issue like? How's your energy? Do you get muscle soreness? Do you know if you start getting worse when you don't exercise regularly? Fibro is really helpfully improved by regular exercise so that might be a tip off. You probably would have noticed something but it's easy to normalize at first . At least for a good chunk of us. Have you checked magnesium and D? Those are two other ones often low. B12 also made a huge huge difference for me in energy.
black pepper, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, myrrh, frankincense, bacopa. (fat soluble ones with lecithin + coconut oil = orders of magnitude more absorption and duration). all except ginger, bacopa & pepper Ijust put in my coffee. Always fresh ground! dried pepper is actually bad for you
For brain fog specifically ashwagandha before bed makes me feel clear headed the next day. Few other substances were able to do this for me. in my case i thnk it has to do with hormone inbalances.
take pycnogenlol + CoQ10 for 1 month at least and nothing else - see how much better you feel after that in combination with regular exercise including two long (45-60 minute) walks per week, some whole body strength training and two moderate (26-36 min) high intensity interval sessions on exercise bike or with sprints and walk backs in between (you’re welcome to PM me for a sample fitness program – qualified PT) >

organic green tea x 2 per day; Lecithin 2-3 capsules per day; Huperzine A; Bacopa Monieri -- combine this with daily dual n-back and 15-20 minutes of reading complex material (off facebook or the internet ideally) in an actual book (Kindle is acceptable, but it's going to have go beyond internet articles and social media posts).

NOTE: really, stick to natural stuff at first - it's not as 'low impact' as some people might think –

You don't need to go straight for racetams or peptides (but if you want to do something epic like climb a mountain or break a Spartan Race record, then go ahead with the peptides).

And finally, please forget about Modafinil or any other ‘afinils’ UNLESS you really have narcolepsy; also forget about ‘ADHD’ prescription stims – they can actually worse brain fog over the long term.

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