Looking for the best nootropics for adrenal fatigue
Dessicated thyroid, Methylene blue, Tianaptine, and low dose memantine. These are best nootropics for adrenal fatigue
Try synaphrine aka bitter orange, or even octopamine. Hordenine capsules in high enough doesn't is also effective
Adrenal fatigue is definitely not a medical condition. If anyone claims otherwise I would love to see some proof but it simply isn't there. It's a loose term used by alternative health nuts to sell you empty treatments that don't do a thing. Also there is no official diagnosis which will result in adrenal fatigue as a cause as it does not exist in any medical literature. Anyone who thinks he has adrenal fatigue has 100% of the time diagnosed himself or has been "diagnosed" by a non licensed scam artist claiming to be a doctor. Which always follows a pricey "treatment". These are most of the time people like naturopaths and such.
long term and now reoccurant use of suboxone has fried my adrenals. constantly in search for a cure...
Tyrosine, iodine, vitamin c, colloidal minerals
Yes, but not severely, I have hyperthyroidism, which causes problems to my lymph nodes and stress hormone pathways (adrenal glands) whenever I don't eat healthy or neglect to drink enough clean water.

You should get 64oz CLEAN water per day minimum if you have kidney, liver, bladder issues.

Also probiotics, prebiotics, and D3
Supposedly, Ashwaghanda, Vitamin C, and Licorice Root extract are helpful for AF. Also, minimizing or eliminating simple carbs/crap food.
Berberine is awesome for blood sugar control. Don't know what it will do for adrenal fatique. I was on metformin, not doing the job, doctor wanted to put me on insulin. Didn't want to go there as you just increase your insulin resistance further. Tried berberine, next hba1c levels had dropped so much doctor said he had never seen that much improvement in a two month time and that my levels were down to where they weren't dangerous. Still not quite perfect but tremendously better, difference between 13.7 on metformin and 7.6 on berberine + metformin. And I had no noticeable side effects.
I actually just started supplementing Pregnenolone and dhea. I was doing to enhance the trt. I had no idea it would benefit adrenal fatigue also. So thanks very much.
Thorne Adrenal Cortex nootropic Extract is something to look into. It might feel a bit weird at first, but after a few days it will help ( if your issue is low cortisol). Do you feel worse early in the day, the afternoon or night?
This seems to be highly effective.

You need sodium and potassium for the adrenals to work. As well as Vit c (NOT just ascorbic acid, the whole C molecule)

Adaptogens like ashwaganda have the potential to further lower cortisol output.. Which would further your problem.. It's a tricky subject.. These nootropics do give the adrenals a chance to be less fatigued, and less attacked during stress, but may further worsen your symptoms.
Cortisol is released in response to stress, adaptogens limit this response.

Low and high cortisol can have many of the same symptoms, this is why people see adaptogens work so well for "adrenal fatigue".. - Because they haven't done testing first and actually have too high cortisol (which, long term will lead to AF. )

Taken at night though, short-acting ones will help low daytime cortisol, as it effectively will turn off your adrenals for the night, letting them rest more, and giving you a better quality sleep. -Which should allow the adrenals to produce more in the daytime.
Adrenal fatigue is a myth and 99% of holistic medicine is absolute quackery designed to rob you of your money.
While I agree that the data on adrenal fatigue being its own thing is spotty, I would say that the simplest answer to your question is Maca. Roasted actually has better bioavailability, so dont just get raw because its cooler or something...
read Dr. Wilson's book Adrenal Fatigue, the 21st Century Stress Syndrome. It is the first book written that addresses this particular problem.
There is also a website and his reddit profile.
Dr. Lam also has a good website.

There are different stages of adrenal dysfunction and it takes years to get to the worse stage.

Initial high stress and high cortisol give way to malnutrition due to low hydrochloric acid production in the stomach.
Low energy at cellular level, fatigue, brain fog, low immune response, allergies, thyroid problems, insulin sensitivity and hypoglycaemia are some of the common symptoms.

Before treating it, you need to have a 4 point saliva cortisol test. This gives a clear picture of how the circadian curve looks. Different problems with cortisol secretion are treated with specific adaptogens or hydrocortisone at certain times of the day.

A functional medicine doctor or a naturopathic doctor will be able to help you the most.
1g vitamin C, zinc and magnesium before bad can help 2
i don't think that blocking cortisol in morning is good, since it's there to give you energy to wake up correctly. the right path of cortisol is high in morning, decreasing as the day goes, ending with very lower levels during night (and you can eat your carbs like potatoes as dinner, to block it)
I eat seaweed. Buy it dried at Whole Foods and add water. Or if you live near the coast, get it fresh. It's going to have all the minerals you need. You don't need too much. But it's better than taking iodine on its own. Your thyroid is an important gland and seaweed (I eat Arame, but Wakame is also good) is perhaps the secret for why the Japanese live so much longer with less health complications and lower weight than Americans.
Consider L-Tyrosine nootropic as helps produce both thyroxin and dopamine. It is routinely used for chronic fatigue syndrome.
Also olive leaf extract for CFS as its powerful anti viral and anti inflamatory.
Things like magnesium, niacinamide and selenium will help. Siberian ginseng supposedly has good adaptagen properties without over stimulating.
General Adaptation Syndrome is a disease of prolonged stress and indeed adrenal glands do become fatigued under prolonged unresolved stress and possibly following stimulant drug use
Treatment protocols vary depending on the stage of stress you are in.
Licorice ( glycyrrihza glabra) is a herb for adrenal insufficiency but care needs to be taken as it can exacerbate problems if used incorrectly not to be used with liver probs or high bllod pressure. withania somnifera is used for cortisol depletion conditions
I'm on my third week of taking adrenal fatigue nootropics and supplements and vitamin D (recommended by my doctor after test results came back I have extremely high cortisol levels and low vitamin D). For a couple of weeks, it really felt like it was helping. I had more energy during the day and was experiencing fewer sleep attacks and my scheduled daytime naps seemed to be all I needed (wasn't taking any stimulants or medication other than the supplements and vitamins). Well this morning, that all changed. Despite going to bed a tad bit earlier and feeling like I slept extremely well, I woke up feeling like my sense of time was all messed up, like 3-4 hours were stolen from me. I got to work at 8 am and still it felt so much earlier than it really was (probably because it was so overcast and somewhat dark outside). I was in a fog, had trouble concentrating but had a lot of work to do so I decided to take my ritalin. Before I knew it, I was having a severe N+C attack and really had a hard time coming out of it. I kept going in and out of a dream and could hear my co-workers but could barely move and my eyes just refused to stay open. It now seems like the fewer attacks I get, the more severe and longer lasting they become when I do have one.

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