Best drugs / nootropics to improve or incite eidetic memory and photographic memory?
Do any exist? I've tried Modafinil but It doesn't really do anything for me.
Eidetic Memory isn't something you can obtain my nootropics.
Ginkgo biloba can increase vasopressin? There is one study that claims ginkgo is a prolyl endopeptidase inhibitor, this enzyme is breaks down vasopressin the photographic memory hormone. So thats could be the way that how ginkgo biloba can improve memory? I heard about some person they taked ginkgo for long years and can't stop it because they notice it. Some people take desmopressin to achieve photographic memory and its pretty dangerous i am wondering that maybe theres a safe way to increase vasopressin. acetlycholine also increase vasopressin. And berberine is prolyl endopeptidase inhibitor too.
Read about noopept and his effect on short term memory. It's well known, that noopept can cause memory problems. I had to stop take that shit, because of it.
Prl-8-53 + coluracetam
I've tried Noopept and Oxiracetam with a small noticeable subjective increase in memory. They will not give you "photographic memory". Let me know if you find one that works though!
I got some Vassopressin from a Mexican pharmacy back in the 1980's. Sprayed some up my nose, and then had some dry wall dust on my arms. Dry wall dust is inert. But man did I break out with some weird skin condition. Horrible. Terrible. Other than that, I noticed nothing.
I use pneumonic devices and random other things to help it but I'm not photographic granted I can memorize a license plate after one quick read through and I practice it constantly
You won't find any nootropic you don't already possess to have perfect recall of memory. It's just about assigning the photographic / eidetic memory with a trigger, if you study how we are targeted and manipulated by marketing, using symbolism and sound you'll see. Of course this is corporations manipulating Masonic knowledge discovered in ancient Egypt and dates even further back, so not the answer you're looking for let me explain..

There is a pillow cushion on the seat next to me. 24 diamond shapes across the design. I relate that to the TV show 24, I've never watched it and don't know what it's about but I picture the logo, and the diamonds and I'll always remember that now if someone asked me on reddit. You ask me how many stairs are in my old apartment block, 14 each flight until 11 at the top. I'm not going to list every example that would be a waste of time but if it's just deduction and correlation.

Works best with emotional triggers rather than just a distant thought you have no connection with, like the diamonds on the pillow is quite useless to me so it won't come to the front of mind like, say... The position of the furniture in the room I keep things hidden. That is important to me, very important so I'll notice even the wrinkle of a bed sheet out of place in that room. You see what I mean?

Practise with useless things if you like, it helps keep your mind trained but what use is knowing there is 24 diamonds on a strangers pillow if you know catch my drift.

You'll learn to chain link objects, people, situations, time all together if you bridge the gaps. Take in the environment, what can you hear? What's the temperature of the room like? Who is in the room, what's the lighting like? Read between the lines, everyone has an agenda find out what that is. What's my agenda even telling you this?

Read the Sherlock Holmes stories and pay good attention to his words to Watson about deduction. The author of the Holmes writings is an artist, artists hide truth in their craft if you read between then lines you see.
Eidetic memory is not something you can control by using any nootropics - it either exists or it doesn't. The examples you use of phone numbers, etc, are not examples of eidetic memory - just a good memory generally! Be careful about self-diagnosis - unless you have really seen someone about various behaviours, you should be cautious about calling them a pathology (e.g. Asperger's or OCD) ... :)
I remember a documentary a few decades ago about a drug that ADD kids were using to assist with their condition.I forced myself to remember the name, it was called Deaner. The thing is, some people have reportedly having a photographic memory after using the drug. It turned out that the drug was a synthetic or derivation of DMAE.
Used Desmopressin nasal spray. Effects are definitely noticeable and immediate in alertness and photographic memory processing, but it was expensive and the effect is short-lived.

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