2 months until exams. What is the best stack to start taking for studying?
Two months is eight weeks; that's eight potentially decent opportunities to actually... learn the material.

I can relate if you're swamped with too many commitments; at some point though, it really becomes a matter of prioritizing.

Nootropics are meant to help you get further in what you're already doing: if you're already doing dual n-back and adaptive movement patterns, a decent nootropic can accelerate the neural gains you make; if you're already going to class, paying attention, like what you're learning about and are studying and sleeping optimally, then a nootropic can further consolidate that learning.

The best way to look at it, for simplicity, is: avoid taking huge combos in your stack; focus instead on one or two noots at a time, a third one at the most; pick each of them with a specific purpose - i.e. one for alertness and energy (a natural source of caffeine like green tea is good); one for nerve growth hormone (something like Lion's mane perhaps); and some for improving cerebral (or just general) circulation (something like CoQ10 or turmeric both work well, especially when taken with healthy fats like olive oil or coconut oil, or both).
for studying I'd shoot for:

Uridine monophosphate(150MG)
CDP choline(50MG)

You'll thank me (I think)!!
Listen closely to what the lecturer says as this is what is going to appear on the exam. During my undergrad in my third year I actually recorded all my lectures, and then I would type it up word for word after each lecture. Then I would skim the textbook for a deeper understanding and enhance my notes. My third year I averaged 68% so 2 percent of a first class.
It depends on money but 2 ready to take nootropic supplements with a lot of ingrediens and add powder nootropics what works best on you. Mix everything what give you motivation and power.
Its repetitious but one of the best memory recall aides I use regularly is green tea, daily, 2-4 cups. Yeah your best bet would be to utilize concept summaries and review either everything or new material at least once per week, something such as Anki might be of benefit.
Huperzine a is good but could cause interactions if you take quite a lot of a choline source.
Black pepper (piperine), caffeine with l-theanine, magnesium glycinate, wild alaskan fish oil, cardiovascular exercise, also selegiline with low dose phenethylamine hcl; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phenethylamine#Pharmacology
and also get lots of micronutrients (vitamin & minerals).

I use this stack and I love it. Keeps you alert, focused, concentrated, allows greater memory, removes fatigue, increases wellbeing (you generally feel good about any casual thing that induces d1 activation), reduces anxiety, allows you to process information and respond to conversations faster. The positives are endless lol
Depends on my energy. Either Oxiracetam or Aniracetam as a base. Lots of people will say piracetam, but I get a strange feeling in my chest when I take it, so I usually try to avoid it (will be trying it today.... Try about once a month)
I really like teacrine with aniracetam though..... Gets me to a motivated, "zoned in" focus
This stack has changed the way studying is perceived. What started off as just "getting through" the last semester has turned into curiosity and intrigue leading to fully reading through chapters. Typically, there isn't a great "need' for nootropics to desire fully engaging in study sessions--but boy, does it help when you really aren't too interested in the topics you're studying!
I've been taking and learning about noots for about half a year now but haven't really had the chance to put them to the test. Now that I'm back in school this semester I was really excited to see how they affected my grades or studying in general. Well we had our first big exam in A&P2 today and me being the huge procrastinator I am, didn't study at all except for the 1 hour before class started. Turns out one hour wasn't quite enough time to cover all the material in detail... but half an hour before studying I took a stack of:
150mg phenylP
~20mg Sunifiram
~10mg PRL 8 53
600mg alpha GPC
500mg ALCAR
And then some fish oil, DL-Phenylalanine, and a cup of coffee for the boost.
Having skimmed over the material once and simply re-writing down the key terms, I found myself getting nervous, being so short on time that I wouldn't absorb anything. As I started the test all the answers (most of them) just clicked into place and I was able to recall all the small details from what I skimmed over earlier with hardly any delay at all. I wasn't second guessing myself like I usually do either. I ended up getting 88% which wasn't fantastic but it was higher than the majority of the class results. My classmates were rather annoyed with me for getting a higher score than them for only studying for an hour when they had spent all week going over everything again and again... haha. Needless to say I am extremely satisfied with the results and have to give credit to those nootropics for what felt like a miracle memory recall.
30mg sublingual Unifiram + 3mg intranasal Noopept.
The absolute BEST experience with noots i've ever had - better than with me best experience on Phenylpiracetam!
My stack might be basic, but I use either a Piracetam/Choline stack or an Oxiracetam/Choline stack. I'm currently experimenting with a Modafinil/Piracetam/Choline stack and the amount of clarity that I'm experiencing is immense and it's making it easier to get through this book on Tudor England. If I had to customize a stack choosing the noots you mention, I would do an Oxiracetam/Alpha-GPC/L-Theanine combo. I would say Phenylpiracetam, but I'm kinda skeptical about combining Oxiracetam and Phenylpiracetam to
My next will be look like stack:
-Cheap choline source lecithin/choline bitrate
-Water soluble racetam(Oxiracetam)
-Huperzine A(Maybe)
-Phenylpiracetam while exams
-Bacopa + ashwagaha
For increased academic performance it has always been either aniracetam, pira or both in combination with daily green tea plus cycling turmeric. Aniracetam has not produced much weight gain plus its half life is much shorter then piracetam however it is fat soluble, likewise noopept requires smaller doses yet does produce weight loss & better concentration.

Phenylpiracetam might be an option. A little stimulating at first, but that aspect subsides with time. Noopept, alphaGPC, and Aniracetam would be a good stack for you. Unless of course you have epilepsy and/or high blood pressure. Could potentially help reverse brain damage from binge drinking and drug abuse. If you're a hard core smoker you might just be playing an expensive game of tug-of-war between neuro genesis and dain-bramage.


 ill second the noopept! just make sure you are getting choline in your diet. i just started eating eggs more regularly and got enough that way personally


I have a good noopept for a very reasonable price. Just today I had around roughly 40 mg of it and it was awesome. I am a bit tolerant now, so forget me taking just 10 mg of noopept is enough. But still what a substance. I was having a good coding learning session and having decent conversation today. And boy I do not know about you guys, but I feel more horny on that stuff, can't help it.

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