Trying to pick the overall best for cognitive, memory, and mental energy... Bromantane or Prl
I think you'll have to try both of them. Very individual responses to these it seems. Personally got nothing from Bromantane even at 100mg sublingual. I'm not sure I used Prl-8-53 correctly so I'd need to try that again to be sure I didn't get a discernible difference.
Nothing I've tried (I haven't tried SEMAX and the other 'stronger' things) has even came close to the level of PRL. I only had to read things twice to learn them, and they stuck with me for four months or so as if only a couple of days had passed, complete with sort of where it was in the page, what color it was highlighted in, and such. Now, my memory is very good to start with, it just felt that it made the process easer, faster, and just a bit better.

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