Hey folks, I live in Ontario, Canada and was recently diagnosed this past year with narcolepsy and cataplexy at the age of 22. I am currently taking modafinil. I have a quick couple of questions.
1) I know modafinil is a IV controlled substance in the states, and subject to be seized at the border even if to buy it online. Has any Canadians traveling to the states had issues with it?
2) I'm in a medical program that requires its students to be able to work for at most, a 24 hour period. Has anyone been able
To be in a career like that?

Thanks so much in advance!

You can travel to the US with modafinil without any problems. If you go to the US with modafinil you should bring the box you get it in from your pharmacy and with the pharmacy label on. If possible you should also bring a note from your doctor with you as well. I have traveled from Europe to US with several types of narcolepsy medication and never had any problems at all. If they look at my medication, they normally just check that the label from the pharmacy has the same name as in the passport.


For your first question, I don't know about Modafinil but I had to take Xyrem out of the country and all I needed to provide was a doctor's note. I am not positive but I think it is also in the same category. This was leaving the US (not coming to the US). 

For your second question, I somehow managed to finish a PhD but in the end, could no longer work. It all depends on severity, the effectiveness of your meds, and the support system you have.


not sure about the first question but I am a nursing student in the UK, and am just shocked at the idea of someone being expected to work for 24 hours. even over here we have a legal limit. unless you mean being on call? 

i have managed to work mixes of nights by titrating my modafinil as i feel that i need it (usually 300mg in a night shift compared to my usual 200mg a day).


 I have traveled many times to the US and other countries with modafinil and other controlled medications. Just make sure you travel with it in the pharmacy bottle with the current prescription label on the bottle (don't use an old bottle). I also only take what I need for my travels with a few extra pills. Meaning don't go for a week with 60 pills. When I was first diagnosed, I didn't take them in the prescription bottle and luckily was let off with a warning. I was informed without the prescription bottle, I could be arrested for drug smuggling. 

I am also in Ontario, Canada 


I'm also in Ontario. I've never had issues traveling with modafinil when I took it, or with any of my other stimulants.

I haven't had to work a 24 hour period, but I was taking 3 MA university classes while maintaining a full time and part time job. It was so awful and did not end well. I have been awake 24 hours before and it is possible, but I wouldn't be able to do it more than once a month maybe.


I traveled to the States with modafinil from Australia twice with no problems and the checks for flights are tighter than most border crossings. 

Modafinil isn't the only medication I travel with and I always carry a doctor's letter as well plus leave any medication including supplements in the original packaging.

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