Where to buy modafinil via PayPal or credit cards: Visa, Mastercard or any kind of prepaid cards? Please help me! I'm looking for a modafinil store that accepts credit cards. I've been looking all over /modafinil threads, but I cannot find any relevant information about my question. All of the shops that I've visited are bitcoin only. I would be so grateful if somebody can connect me to an already existing thread, or just give some information down below.


PayPal refuse to process drugs online, credit cards are problematic. Getting bitcoin is easy! You can use services such as Coinbase, Xapo, or basically any crypto exchange out there to purchase bitcoin. Coinbase is on the top though, as they take care of everything for you.


Some modafinil obline pharmacies have a really difficult time to continue their work. They face various legal issues, that prevent them from using traditional payment processors, Visa, Mastercard are most problematic to deal with. Additionally, both the banks and the credit card processors don't want all of the heat that comes along with products in the nootropic category. This is the main reason why most of the providers accept only Bitcoin.


Depending on where you live in, most of the modafinil related drugs are highly regulated, making them illegal to obtain by any other method, except through the normal process which involves reaching out to a doctor and getting a prescription. This means that you will also have to pay a premium for these drugs, as they are significantly cheaper to get from online stores.


Of course, there have been hundreds of honest stores that delivered a high quality product using PayPal's processors. Most of them don't last too long, so eventually everybody is turning towards Bitcoin for these transactions. There is also a valid issue that shouldn't be neglected, which is the possibility of somebody stealing your CC details and using it without your permission.


Regardless of the fact that many substances are scheduled, you should be able to legally obtain these medicines, with credit card or PayPal if they are marked as such, and if you have a prescription, but after doing some research I found the following information that makes me doubt whether this is really the case. A segment of the import/export law includes paragraphs about the legality of importing scheduled substances into the territory of the United States. It simply says that receiving a shipment that is scheduled is fundamentally unlawful. The law also has additional addendums added to it, to clarify exceptions. It says that if the substance is imported for either medical, scientific, or any other legitimate use, it is legal to do so. The second addendum indicates that if the substance schedule level plays an important role in whether or not it will be allowed to enter at the customs point. Substances that have a higher risk factor are less likely to be allowed in the country, or they would require a significant amount of bureaucracy to have them allowed. Looking at the Wikipedia page also reveals additional information such as: Some medicines are currently classified as a Schedule controlled substance under United States federal law; it is illegal to import by anyone other than a DEA-registered importer without a prescription.[133] However, one may legally bring scheduled medicine into the United States in person from a foreign country, provided that he or she has a prescription for it, and the drug is properly declared at the border crossing. U.S. residents are limited to 50 dosage units (i.e. pills).


I am also dedicated in finding a reliable store that accepts credit cards, and I have stumbled on a few here and there. One store that I've recently decided I want to try out is called Newbrain. If anybody here has some previous experience with them, I would love it if you can share your experience with me. I want to purchase Modafinil from them using a credit card, but I couldn't find any reviews about this website. This makes me worry that even though it looks like a legitimate site, it may be a fraudulent one.

If not I will just use Bitcoin. It's not too difficult, just go to localbitcoins.com, and you can use various different methods to get Bitcoin in your local area. In essence, using bitcoin to pay is like stuffing a letter with cash and sending it to them. It is up to us as consumers to either trust or distrust the suppliers. It kind of falls into making a felony (if you are from the US), but so are they! It makes perfect sense that they would prioritize using doing business with Bitcoin, as it protects all included parties.


As I said before, one of the best ways to get BTC is to go through the Coinbase service. With them you can use your bank account to purchase Bitcoin as effectively as buying something with PayPal. The process lasts up to two days, but it depends on the bank that you have. Once setup, it is really simple to use, and it's less expensive than using MoneyGram or WesternUnion.


A lot of people claim that Modafinil is out of production and I've heard multiple times of people getting scammed when they tried to purchase with a credit card. So while it is legal to buy it, you should be careful of the supplier that you buy from. I really need help to stay focused, but I don't want to get scammed either, so I'm going to be super careful of which supplier I am going to order. I've noticed that many people here just want to get these drugs without the prescription, but I don't understand why. There is no troubles with credit cards or PayPal if you follow this way. It was really simple for me to get these prescriptions from my doctor. What are the reasons because of which you don't do it too? Is it too expensive, or maybe doctors are not willing to prescribe it to you? Or simply getting it at home is way easier when compared to going through the doctors? 


It is very easy to get Bitcoin. You need to download a wallet, and I recommend electrum. I've been using it for some time now and it seems great. You need to find a website that allows you to sell and buy bitcoin. I use a French exchange called bitit.com, but they have a KYC requirement which means that you will need to give your ID in order to facilitate a transaction larger than 50 euros. Then you can use the service to buy bitcoin with your credit card. Once you have purchased (you can use credit card or PayPal) bitcoin, you can transfer it to your electrum wallet using the receiving address generated by the wallet. It takes about 10 minutes on average to settle (the time of one block being mined successfully), and after that you can use them to buy nootropics with PowderCity, absorbyourhealth, or whatever other supplier. Copy their receiving address and use the section "Send -> Pay to" to facilitate the transaction. Sorry if you misunderstand anything that I've written above due to my English. All of the websites that I mention above are the same ones I use as well, but there are many other options available. P.S. Fees are a reality in this market with Bitcoin, usually around 5%, but it is really valuable due to the simplicity of the transactions. If you have any questions feel free to ask!


 In India and other countries medication like this are considered supplements and not prescribed medication. That being said, there is little to no regulation - and corruption - involved in the manufacturing of these pills, so you should not take them. It is also illegal to purchase them this way.


Try asking any of your local pharmacies. I know several of the national chains offer shipping for scripts, you can pay with credit card.  Modafinil didn't work for me. I would start to crash around lunchtime. I have been on nuvigil almost 10 years, and just had to up the dose.


One thing to keep in mind, aside from the legality, is that in some countries, the medication formula may differ based on what is allowed there. It can still be marketed under the same name, but may be weaker or stronger than what we get in the US. You can also wind up in trouble for importing a controlled substance without authority. As well as importing a controlled substance through the mail, both of which are federal offenses. 

Websites like this are able to persist because the Us can't shut them down when they are run on foreign land.  Personally, I would explore other options before resulting to something that has several legal ramifications.


Heres what I found at Facebook: I'm seeking some advice and possible a partner to help us out with integrating a payment processing solution for our website. Disclaimer: We're a high-risk merchant; see our website here:modafinil4students.com Our Goal: Integrating a payment processing solution that accepts Bitcoin and major international credit cards with a front-end one-click/simple/stays-on-the-page payment process Might anybody have any knowledge on payment processors with HTML/programmable and dynamic buttons similar to Paypal's which are able to change based on what the user selects on the screen (eg quantities, shipping methods) and that which can link up with an automatic email service? Currently, the website has an order form which collects order information and then I manually input this data into a spreadsheets. Then I create an invoice in Paypal or include a Bitcoin address and manually email the customer to make payment. As you may imagine, I lose conversions in between the order form and payment, and I also spend alot of time on these tasks that I'd like to automate. We're bootstrapped but I'd be happy to provide some Modafinil for awesome advice, as well as consider working with you or your friends should you have some ideas that could work. Many thanks in advance.


It’s difficult to begin to describe how many changes are taking place within the industry and where the incessant attacks are coming from. One such self-appointed organisation is called ‘Legit Script’ (LS) and they are keen to inform domain registrants, government bodies and banks (and probably anyone else who will listen) whom they have determined to be a ‘rogue pharmacy.’A rogue pharmacy in their eyes is anyone who sells a medicine without a prescription, (based only upon a US perspective- look at the table below to see some global examples). Country Drug Status, USA DHEA Free sale, UK DHEA Controlled substance, USA Lipitor Prescription, UK Lipitor, Free sale, Canada Modafinil Controlled substance, UK Modafinil Prescription, Thailand Modafinil Free sale

It is also anyone who sells a non-FDA approved medicine- which by defination is already more than half the world, since it is apparent that other governments approve drugs too! In fact, in the eyes of LS if you are outside of the USA you are, by their defination, already a rogue pharmacy! None of this would matter for this private, for-profit corporation, if others didn’t appear to be recognising them as online pharma experts. Google for example, will lower your domain ranking, some domain registrants will refuse to host your site (i.e., GoDaddy) and recently MasterCard and Visa will not handle your account if LS have listed you as rogue! But even a simple study will quickly determine that it’s a complete ignorance of international and indeed in some cases, State laws too; but it doesn’t matter to this outfit, since US Federal laws are all that they recognise. Meanwhile, othe pharmacy checker/ approval sites make it clear how they are funded, (usually by payment for their approval or application process). But LS remains a mystery and they have no appeal process, presumably once listed by their arbitrary standards that’s that. However, when one discovers that LS was founded by a lawyer who worked with the drug Tsar under the Clinton administration, then it becomes clear who their likely Lords and masters are… These Knights in shining armour are not just interested in their defination of rogue pharmacies and preventing sight of the website or blocking online payment options, mark my words, claims on health supplements, (presumably those not approved by the FDA) will be their next target to disrupt businesses. Many members of the public are not going to understand why credit cardoptions are disappearing from online Pharma sites, but it could be that the traditional methods of bank wires and check systems etc., will be all that remains for any mail-order medicine sales.

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