Where to buy modafinil online in Hong Kong? Any OTC online  pharmacy? Any troubles in customs? 

First time I have ordered modafinil from some pharmacy based in the UK, I have received a call from Hong Kong customs, to go there, open package, and they have checked what it is inside.  Then they said is going to be sent to a lab to see if these are legal stuff. So I never received it back and thought most likely I will not get it and probably be fined for ordering this stuff, and I will not get products. In January this year i've ordered again from Sunmodalert based in India and got modafinil in time with no problems in customs. Till now I have already placed 4 orders and all of them are delivered safe and sound. 


From what otc online vendors you have ordered before? Neo Modafinil seems legit otc pharmacy, I've ordered Modafinil from them in the past, their Modalert is very high in quality. All orders were delivered to Hong Kong in 7-10 days at average. Perhaps when you order first time there was something wrong written on your package, that caught attention of customs. Not every pharmacy put correct and safe information in the customs declaration, so stick with well experienced vendors.


I'm not going to advertise something here, because I can have positive experiencie while others may fail. This is a very helpful thread about importing modafinil to the HK: http://modafinildosage.com/modafinil-in-hong-kong/ After reading another thread on places to buy otc Modafinil online and seeing the price compared among companies, I decided to try out those vendors with the best prices. I found some really great bargains, I must say. The first place I tried sent my delivery via courier and it took about 10 days to arrive. The second place sent it via airmail (cheaper) and it arrived in 17 days. The quality of the product is pretty much the same from all places, they probably get it from the same manufacturer. BTW India Modafinil approved by their FDA so I believe it is of the highest quality. The Modalert pills all came in foil blister packs. I found it worked extremely well for me. If you’re looking to order Modalert, I’d say you can’t go wrong ordering from a reputable online pharmacy. They all seem to ship a good product, just look out for those companies handling Hong Kong among shipping countries. If they guarantee the delivery to Hong Kong, this means you won't have any troubles with HK customs Reading reviews and speaking to trusted community members definitely helps!


Thanks for your recommendations, SunModalert ships to Hong Kong, they provided me with two months worth of Modafinil. I chose them based on your positive reviews. One aspect I particularly liked was their refund policy should an order get blocked at customs. Anyway, my package got through Hong Kong customs without incident. It took just 11 days to arrive in HK all the way from India. Great!

The packaging quality was high and the pills were 100% legit… except they were Modvigil and not the Modalert I wanted. I contacted their customer support and they replied after a couple of hours. Maria was the rep I dealt with. She said sorry for the mistake and sent out some complimentary Modalert! In fact, she sent my two months order plus 20 bonus pills! It again took 11 days for the package to arrive.

I was very fortunate to get 140 pills for the price of 60, what a great first purchase! I tried the Modvigil but I definitely prefer Modalert… Anyway, SunModalert are a great otc modafinil vendor and I am very happy to recommend them to others. Thanks again, Maria, you were incredibly helpful and polite! I even recommended them to one of my friends who ordered from a competing company about a month ago - he still doesn’t have his pills!

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