Caffeine and L-theanine stack: dose, ratio, experience
Is coffee l brew my own two and half top tablespoons. Use 1 tablespoon mct oil and and grass fed butter 2 tablespoons put it in my bullet mix it. OptionaI: l also add a scoop of vanilla whey isolate and 1 g of lions maine
Is coffee l brew my own two and half top tablespoons. Use 1 tablespoon mct oil and and grass fed butter 2 tablespoons put it in my bullet mix it. OptionaI: l also add a scoop of vanilla whey isolate and 1 g of lions maine
On the other hand you could just wean yourself off of your caffeine depency and then reintroduce a small amount of caffeine and l-theanine daily. That's far more likely to have a positive impact than using large doses or bulletproof coffee especially when you've got a tolerance to caffeine.

I came off caffeine last summer for a prolonged period and found my energy levels were improved, anxiety was reduced and I needed fewer daytime naps. Thats not to say caffeine/coffee doesn't have its benefits though.
Caffeine = stimulant with nootropic effects, not a true "noot" IMHO. Therefore the benefit is not sustainable for the basis of a "base" stack. That being said, I use it heavily/daily. It's relegated to the role of "support supplement" in my regime. I'd definitely recommend, as stated above, natural sources of caffeine rather that anhydrous. Green tea, "Bullet-proof" style
Coffee, etc. P.s
There's evidence that theanine lowers cognitive abilities, the only point in taking it really is for anxiety and to avoid the side effects of caffeine or too much caffeine. I would take noopept or a racetam if you want to get nootropic effects.
L-theanine (The amino acid found in green tea) promotes alpha brain waves and has an anxiety reducing effect.
Caffeine on the other hand stimulates,increases noradrenalin, which may cause irritability/anxiety.
Combining the two could help those who never responded well to caffeine (as i did) enjoy it's benefits without the side effect.
and also get you inline of the rest of society you none caffeine tolerant weakling.
I have crazy anxiety. I started taking L-theanine (300mg) with coffee. It's definitely doing SOMETHING. I feel weird. But significantly less crappy than usual. I think I like it.
Anyone else use L-theanine & caffeine? Words of wisdom? This is my first use of nootropics..... Meds were getting ridiculous and I'm tired of being a zombie when I take them.
I love l-theanine+caffeine. If I don't want to be jittery, I follow it up a few hours later with chamomile and phosphatidylserine with another tiny dose of caffeine. You could totally be a slow processer of caffeine genetically. If I space them out I can drink 9 cups of coffee a day without any noticeable side effects. Most people will probably want to keep it down to 2 or 3 if they are not rapid caffeine metabolizers.
I can't see caffeine-l-thanine stack helping in any way with anxiety in fact it contributes to it quite often. Caffeine overstimulates the body with stress hormones like cortisol which over time really add to anxiety. I stopped taking caffeine completely (have been a somewhat consistent user for many years) due to anxiety and panic attacks induced by it along with high doses of sugar. Caffeine is definitely not something that will help anxiety, it may seem to for an hour or two but you'll see later on the effects. It really taxes the adrenal glands and the heart. It's very useful if you have some strenuous physical labor to do to dissipate all those fight or flight hormones, but otherwise as most people use it when sitting around or doing office work it just leads to dependence and chronic fatigue/anxiety in the long run
from what I understand of the combo, which I've tried many times, is that the l theanine helps concentration and minimizes the jitteriness and anxiety causing properties of the caffeine. Strong coffee on it's own leads most people to jitters and some to anxiety, while L theanine (naturally found in green tea) helps mitigate those effects. I would think that L theanine on it's own would help anxiety more so than with caffeine. One could always drink green tea also, that's quite nice.
Theanine takes out all the negatives of caffeine. Jitters, anxiety, and dirty feeling are all removed.
Mild, but it works. Good beginner stack. I take a ton of l-theanine anyway as it seems to give my immune system quite a boost.
2:1 ratio of caffeine-l-thanine stack works best for me.
I just buy a pill with this combo and take it on a daily basis. Increase the taking when I am on exam season
Ashley Cook Personally, I don't go for a particular ratio. I bought both separately but rarely take the caffeine, I already drink a lot of coffee. L-theanine on its own works great. Debatably not with nootropic effects, but it certainly reduces my anxiety and negative procrastination. I dose anywhere between 250mg and 1.5g dose.
Green Tea will provide those things in a pretty nice ratio naturally. You can control the ratio by brewing time. Most of the caffeine comes out in the first minute but L-Theanine takes about five minutes for most of it to come out. So want high caffeine low L-Theanine, brew for a minute, want high L-Theanine, brew for five. Want a reasonable balance, shoot for something in between say 2-3 minutes.
I use Caffeine and L-theanine combo daily in a 1:1 ratio. Theanine blunts any stress response that is possible when consuming large quantities of caffeine or when not utilizing enough fuel to "run the caffeine." Say around 400mg of each upon waking with various other vitamins and twice again during the day. No stress or adrenaline response from the caffeine and no sleep interruptions.

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