Hi guys! Many of you have asked me to write about my Cerebrolysin experience so here it goes:

It was one of the first substances I tried. Back then I only searched for those nootropics that were available in Mexican pharmacies because I wasn't keen on taking stuff from internet sites and I didn't have a credit card.

The first time I tried it, it took me only 2 days to respond. On day 1 I was only aware of a little mood improvement. On the second day it came like an avalanche: smell, recall, creativity, verbal fluency, sleep, relaxation (or non-anxiety), amazing coordination, retention, visuospatial capabilities (which has always been my downside), sight, hearing, all enhanced incredibly. My spelling, diction and vocabulary improved dramatically.

This was before the movie limitless and when I saw it I thought: "HA! The writer has been on this stuff! " Noticed how the "lighting" changes when the main character is on NZT? A yellowish tone where the world is bright and life is great? That's exactly how I feel and see. Plus, It seems as if people react positively to most of what you do: they laugh, show interest, are deeply touched or amazed. A couple of friends told me: WOW! You are ON today!

Then I worked at the piano, my big enemy when it came to hard labour. What a change!! This sense of fatigue and overwhelming tension that appeared for me when learning something as demanding as sight reading was not there or easily dissipated. Then, I learned some of my favorite Chopin pieces.

At that time I trained dual n-back. I worked at it every day and broke my previous record of dual n-5. If I remember correctly I got to pull some 8 or 9 n-back trials. Something interesting happened: past a certain point I didn't feel like I was using my short term memory, instead I started "seeing" lightening patterns that connected the positions and sounds.

I got WAY better at everything. Placebo? Maybe. But all my high scores went through the roof: Rock band battery, guitar, actual guitar, actual piano, violin - I play three instruments now- and, the very best: I grew a lot as a person.

I made huge improvements at getting unstuck from difficult inner experiences. I remember being very nervous once about doing a monologue for a drama class and then...I felt like Neo when he realizes bullets can't hurt him. Yes, I felt the fear, but I could control myself and not get carried away. From then on acting became fun and I was able to consistently get into a state of flow.

When I read, my focus was clear and deep, images flowed from the pages of the novels with ease. I sometimes got the urge to draw -not my strenght at all-. It just felt right, I even drew some patterns in my walls that many people liked.

When I did math I actually SAW numbers in my head and was able to play with the imagery to arrive at the conclusion. Once I was bored in a rehearsal and the director said something about the character: "HE's autistic, he doesn't care about social nuances, he's thinking about 387 X 586, People! ". So...I did the math. Something amazing happened there: I saw the numbers as If I was drawing on a board.

In my head I saw steps, arrows pointing to ways of doing the calculation. Numbers falling or getting big as if it were an educational 3D video. My attention was so strong I could stay with it and I believe that I arrived at some kind of formula which I wanted to try and see if it worked with other multiplications but... I got interrupted.

- NOTE: This kind of brain supercharge happened on a long, high dose cycle, while on deep Ketosis and after working out-

Situations that triggered me were easily managed. For example: Back then I lived with my mom and her bad mood was a big trigger that got us arguing. Once, I was in the middle of a Cere cycle and she came home slamming the door. Again, I noticed my negative emotional reaction which was quickly replaced by clarity. I gave her a loving hug and this words came out of my mouth: "Mom, I'm sorry you're feeling bad. What can I do so that you feel better? What do you NEED? Wanna lay down while I make you dinner or do chores for you?" WOW! THIS was the guy I always wanted to be! Emphatic, loving and ready to do stuff for my loved ones when things were rough. Interestingly, my response to her distress gave her energy and good mood and she did her own chores despite my true intention to pamper her.

Those first years were amazing. I finished on the top of my acting class, got a scholarship my monthly tuition, became class valedictorian (our equivalent) auditioned for an Oxford Drama summer course and landed a place and a scholarship, discovered Paleo/Primal and Crossfit and implemented them in my life, lost weight, started dating without medicating myself with alcohol...the list goes on. I got deep into cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and created deep changes in my thought, feeling and behaving patterns.

Social anxiety? Gone while on. I decided to drop acting, got into Mexico's top university, and devote myself to psychology. I started a little practice as a "coach" because people asked me repeatedly to teach them what I had done to create the changes they saw. At first I did it for free...until I was getting requests for appointments from the friend of a friend and had to charge for my time. To this day that's how I make a living. Now with a psychology degree and much more training in behavioral modification.

This could get too long as I have many anecdotes of how life is amazing for me while on Cerebrolysin. Sadly, the acute effects go away when the cycle ends. Fortunately, I get in better mental shape each time I do it and some gains seem to stay.

From every cycle, my life gets improved by the actions I take on those days on.

This might sound like a fairytale. It's not. They were many problems along the way, and I can't credit all of my growth to Cerebrolsyin. But it sure played an important role.

For me, it's the result of: willingness to change, lots of nootropics, diet, exercise (yoga and functional strength) behavior therapy, lots of reading and tons of support from my family.

Here are some pics of how my body and home have changed since I embarked on self improvement.

I chose not to pursue a master's degree. My quest for mastery is on myself, not a subject.

If anyone is still reading...I'm impressed. Keep on trying stuff and find what works for you.

My hope is that my story inspires you and gets you moving to create the best version of yourself and live a rich, deep meaningful life.

Wow....just wow man. Every single thing you mentioned was everything in my life that I want to improve. This is wonderful, and here I thought a noopept and l-theanine and caff stack was amazing. This Cerebrolysin sounds like the closest thing to NZT you can ever get to right now. Thanks for this post.
I'm mastering my body and mind but my spiritual gains/progress is slacking. When I am meditating and praying I am happier and more calm and rational on a day to day basis. Within these bodies of ours we have the capabilities to change everything within us and around us, it is truly amazing. The depths that our soul/god/faith can take us is fascinating, as well as terrifying. There are things I choose to believe in and I believe that everything positive in ones life can be amplified by some connection to god - beyond meditation you can connect to your deeper self through small things such as reading and writing, yoga, exercise, etc. Mind full awareness is everything.

Great read I've been curious about this drug for some time. I ceased all nootropic use except low dose vinpocetine and huperzine A(only for somatostatin). I find almost everything made me feel worse than my baseline, but I believe that may be because i've been doing intense physical conditioning for years. I'm probably going to give Cerebrolsyin a try. I'm looking forward to something that actually makes my present reality more intune with my true(spiritual) needs, not my needs to be functional in our 9-5 work society.
Cerebrolysin within this group lately and I think that is great. In my opinion, even though the route of administration is a bit strange (intramuscluar-injection) for true long term cognitive enhancement and most benefit for money spent with no serious side effects I would recommend cerebrolysin over any other compound/peptide. I am currently doing 2.5ml a day for the next week since I have a very hectic week of exams and projects, and couldn't be happier with any other nootropic. In my opinion cerebrolysin's most novel mechanism of action is that it stimulates CNTF, which I think is what makes it special among the neurotrophic compounds available on the market. The only other compound that stimulates CNTF is P21 which can be administered without injection, it used to be available on ceretropic website but was taken down for various reasons. MisterYouAreSoDumb on reddit who owns ceretropic has promised he would be stocking p21 again in the future but has not been able to do so for some time. For those who have become interested in cerebrolysin just know that if you are deathly scared of injections and would like to gain benefits without having too, and those that are just tired of sticking needles in their butt every morning(i.e. me) make sure you reach out to ceretropic and other reputable vendors and let them know you are interested in this compound. If there is enough demand someone will fill the market.

I am currently a week, into my three week treatment. Currently i am taking a dosage of 30ml vile of the drug a day,for 5 days a week. So far the immediate positive effects i notice so far is my improvements in not misplacing any of my belongs. I was very surprise since i could remember i have always lost or misplaced my personal belongs. As for social skills and understanding non-verbal communication i have seen slight improvements in noticing people's facial expression's and knowing when i start becoming intrusive and when am not, I have also notice the change in people's voice as well. Now since am done explaining the small change's in my behavior. Now time to talk about the side effects! I notice since taking the drug during the first week i was in Vancouver, Canada. I have felt a short term of bipolar effect where for half an hour after taking the treatment i felt a sense of high a sense of peace and great self esteem that i haven't felt since i was a very young child. Unfortunately the high doesn't last forever so i started experience my depressed mood and start reliving traumatic experience of suppressed childhood memories. ever As for the physical symptoms. I was just simply experience signs of irritation of the needle being ejected into my vain. So the drug could move up towards my brain cell wall and start repairing my brain cell. Anyways i will keep everyone posted on my progress so far week by week as i undergo the treatment. 

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