Hi there I am looking for the cheap and discreet modafinil vendor in the UK or Australia. Please help me out. 

Neo Modafinil is the lowest cost and really discreet modafinil vendor I’ve found so far. A lot of the reviews I’ve read said it took no more than a week for shipments to arrive on the Australia QLD, however it took 10 days for mine to arrive. It’s possible there was some holiday happening in India at the time which caused my shipment to sit idle in customs. When they delivery arrived, I signed for it. This shouldn’t be a worry, it’s probably so the vendor knows for sure that the delivery was successful. I also received a repeat customer coupon in my email, not in the package itself. The Modalert I ordered was good quality. Someone I know has Modafinil from a different manufacturer and I compared the packages in terms of appearance and effect. I found the Neo Modafinil modalert has exactly the same effect as the Modavigil (Australia-made version) ! Great stuff, I’ll definitely order my next batch from there.


I’ve gotten products from neo two times and both times were really smooth. If you search online you’ll probably find some codes you can use to get discounts. The shipping from order is really fast, it took both mine about a week to get through. No hassles with UK customs although I did have to sign for it when it was delivered the one time, otherwise you have to get it from the post office. My package was discreet and modafinil pills were safe with no damage. What I ordered was Waklert. It’s really good. I started on a single tablet. It’s a great stimulant but doesn’t give any jitters or hyperactivity. I reduced down to ½ a tablet and didn’t feel much difference, I still felt very energized and happy too. It was easier to focus too. To really get the maximum value, I even tried halving again down to a ¼ tablet. That still had an effect, for sure. Waklert is really good stuff so I’m going to keep using it in future. I reckon it’s the kind of thing that’s good to keep in the medicine cabinet in case you need to work late or something.


I’m in the UK and I got my modafinil order from onedollarthings after 7 business days. That’s a lot faster than I’m used to! The product was good and the checkout was easy too. Onedollar is the cheapest modafinil vendor I know. All stuff cost one dollar. In fact, I was going to buy from another site but the credit card processing didn’t work there. Anyway, I’ll buy from them in future!


Thanks this was helpful. I gave Neomodafinil a try. The first time I tried to buy something from this website my credit card didn’t get processed so I just left it. The following day I spoke to Kate, their customer service rep, via email. She contacted me, in fact, to see if she could help and gave me discount for the inconvenience. I tried the checkout process again and this time it worked. I used Mastercard for my purchase. The order arrived to Melbourne in five days which was really good. So, I can say I’m a satisfied customer. The Modvigil I got definitely does the job of keeping me alert and maintaining my concentration. I have no hesitation in recommending this company as a cheap, reliable modafinil vendor.


I get all my noots from nootropics depot. They have a.azing customer service, fast shipping to the UK, and some of the best prices I've come across. They have never done me wrong or anything. I had a 125g bottle of phenibut and adrafinal which is closest drug to Modafinil , get smashed in shipping and spilt everywhere. And they had a. We shipment out the next day, just had to send a picture in email do they can document it. They usually respond to emails within a hour or 2.

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