I always hear these users recommending the combo moclobemide + selegiline + memantine. but isn't it kind of a dangerous combo that can lead to addiction because of moclobemide and memantine enhancing the effect of benzodiazepines?
I've not really dived into the whole nootropics game and think it interesting that taking 3 heavy meds together is a safe thing to do without a doc or a disease :D ok, and where is the problem if you don't take a benzo?
lmao. I wouldn't say it potentiates, but it certainly doesn't inhibit the effects. Probably additive. Memantine prevents tolerance so that's great, also I've used benzos infrequently on this combo (similar to how one would uses for panic attacks, except was purely recreational) and I'm far from addicted, let alone a light user
Assuming it did enahnce the effects of benzos then the result of that would that the user would require less of those substances to ge the same effect which means lower chance for and time requried to develop tolerance.

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