Is there any difference between Adderall and Methamphetamine?

As someone who was on Adderall (prescribed) as a child (on and off starting in 1st grade, ending my junior year) I was never addicted and never picked at my face or had ANY symptoms that even compared to my cousin who was on meth. Although I did not gain weight and felt kinda like a walking corpse, there was no other similarity.


They are the same family. I'd love for someone to try a 20mg Adderall and then bang a hit of ice and tell me they're he same. I think the difference is one you can sleep at some point that day and the other you can drive from new York to Florida and and still go to Disney world and enjoy with out a nap lmao


Meth passes the blood brain barrier much much faster allowing crank to speed a lot faster


Not quite. Meth is a bittttch to come off of. And totally worthless when it comes to being productive. Adderall can be very productive and moderately bad to come off of after a long time. So not quite. Meth is so gross. Gross.


dexamphetamine(adderal) last 3hours and have less side-effect then amphetamine(street speed pills) while methamphetamine(meth) can last 12hours and may break your teeths down if smoked. Don't get people thinking that the medicine prescribe by doctor is as bad as smoking Schedule 1 drugs.


So some of you seem to think it's ok to medicate children with a drug of dependence that has been manufactured in a lab by men in white coats. I have a form of ADHD and I medicate with cannabis which just grows in the ground no lab technician required, potatoes, carrots, corn, peas, and beans also grow in soil not in a lab........ Interesting?


Amphetamine aka addreall or speed in europe has some very different properties. The effects are similar but Meth is way stronger! And way more addicting! Meth is more like crack. Speed more like coke. One is clearly more addicting than the other. Also meth mouth is a side effect of the dry mouth stimulant drugs causes + a lack of dental hygiene from being high and up for days.


Adderall, an amphetamine, does not have the same molecular structure as methamphetamine, and therefore the effects are somewhat different. They are both powerful stimulants; however, meth is in an entirely different league in terms of potency and risk.


I have ADHD myself and have been medicated since first grade so I like to think I know what in talking about that yes one chemical compound away from meth does make this a different drug, however that still doesn't make it okay to feed kids a "controlled" form of amphetamine because they are "hyper" or can't pay attention, they're kids.. it's what they do we played, we had an imagination, for myself as well without getting too far into the details I am starting to hear more and more people that develop drug addiction later on in life who are labeled ADD or ADHD


Well, I took adderral for about 8 years every day. I used it as a energy pill. A happy pill. I quit taking it one day and that was that. No withdrawal and it took absolutely no effort. It is a little bit harder to get out of bed in the morning now days but that's nothing to cry about. Everyone I know who is addicted to meth has lost everything, lives in a shack at best, and can't quit the drug to save their life. I agree that adderall is in the same genre or may even be a slippery slope leading to meth use, but.... in it as itself, adderral is small potatoes.

Phillip Adderall is Dextroamphetamine,basically the same as the "pink hearts" which we valued in the 70's to fuel all nighters before. Preferable to benzadrine,or "cross-tops",which were cheaper,more prevalent and subjectively harsher. The pinks were also known as " pharmaceutical speed".


 No, Desoxyn and d-methamphetamine (crystal meth) are the same drug (assuming a 99+% pure sample). Adderall is mixed racemic amphetamine salts, no substituted methyl group to be found. The irony is that pure dextro-methylamphetamine in prescribed oral doses of 5-10mg has fewer cardiac side effects than a mix of levo- and dextro-amphetamine in Adderall, which has greater impact on the peripheral nervous system. You can't really compare either to the effect of taking impurely synthesized street formulae in 10-100x the dosage, usually smoked, sorted or injected which alters the pharmacology and pharmacokinetics, like this baity headline.


Bullshit. Adderall is mixed amphetamine salts (three parts dextroamphetamine and one part levoamphetamine) taken by mouth, while crystal meth is d-methamphetamine in smoked form. Trust me, your brain and body will know the difference.


Crystal meth and Adderall are both amphetamines as heroin and percoset are both opiates. Just because the base classification is the same doesn't mean it's the same drug. Methalyne is NOT found in Adderall. But is found in meth. So again not the same.


 I was addicted to adderall in abusive qualifies, tried meth. Adderall did more long term nerve and jaw damage id say its worse, its easy to get and insirance will pay for it.


While the drugs are not molecular identical, they are exactly the same in the way they affect your brain. While adderall is a controlled dose, and significantly less potent than it's street drug alternative, it still takes over the dopamine receptors in your brain, and has the same potential for abuse.

While it is over working your dopamine receptors, and filling them with amphetamines, your brain decides it is not so import to control the creation and release of dopamines. Your brain uses dopamines as a reward system, for completing necessary tasks such as eating, having sex etc, which is why you tend to become happier after such activities. This causes dependency on a physical and mental level, and you could really damage your dopamine receptors, even to an irreparable point. This is why I urge parents to do some research before they start damaging their children's brain chemistry. Always remember, the doctors are not always looking out for your best interests, and if they prescribe this drug to your child, I would consider a second opinion definitely.


The difference l see with prescibed and street drugs is with prescribed people get a regular dose as pescribed, street drugs depends on if you can afford it. One of the common side effects an problem with steet meth users is coming down and needing more, the coming down is what makes them go nuts, the need for more. With prescribed meth they dont get the coming down. I have a son who is 8 and has ADHD and when he was in Ritalin which lasted 4hrs he would come down bad untill he got the next dose, now he is on Concerta which is a slow release and works much better without any comedown affect...


How come then I can sleep when I take Adderall and when people take meth they are up for days at time... I mean I take it because I have horrible ADHD and it also helps with my crippling anxiety. Before taking it I could literally do nothing. Couldn't even clean the house without getting distracted. I'd clean for 4 hrs and have a bigger mess than when I started. I can sleep now. I've always had issues with sleep and after starting Adderall, I can shut down at night and sleep. It's been amazing. So, I don't believe this at all.


Look legal hi,s are on sale in the u.k they ban them the makers move a symbol it's a different drug but with the same lethal effect, the prisons are overwhelmed with people smoking spice member it's fucking potent it twists your Bowles and cases bad reactions to the user, bath salts was one way the Chinese used to get it into the uk, we had the government pay a top professor to investigate Ganga and when he returned to them with his finding was weed had as little effect as a few glasses off wine, and also stated heroion and coke should be prescribed as we have known the effects for centuries, but to concentrate on legal hi,s there was a serious issue with them, the government saked him made Ganga a class C drug from a D and put there blinkers on, ffs there milking us


Same drug? Maybe. Refined and prepared differently with better chemicals that are made specifically for other devices like... Alkaline batteries for example. Also only used on people with a pretty serious disorder and it actually works on. I have ADHD and that shit puts me down calm as fuck. People who abuse it speed like balls. Etc. Surprise, opiates are in pills as well. Cocaine is used medically as a numbing agent as well. Weed treats seizures. Dun dun dun.


one enhances cognition in both healthy and ADHD persons when used within a therapeutic dosage range. The other causes excessive insomnia, binging, hallucinations and violence in almost every user. Sure you could use additional amphetamine doses to achieve these effects but methamphetamine can cause a build up of free radicals due to oxidative phases that cause brain damage and amphetamine is most like to cause brain damage via stroke which is highly unlikely in comparison to the likelihood of methamphetamines side effects. Meth affects nearly every user, if not all, amphetamine generally affects users with a history of dependence or abuse of stimulants and or other drugs which may or may not have a direct correlation to other substances used. 


Similar but not the same. Molecular shape and model are very similar which is why they both flood the brain with dopamine at a high enough dose which is why they have a similar effect.


adderall is dextroamphetamine meth is methamphetamine the mechanism of action is similar but the chemical formula and strength is different not to mention how its made


Adderall and methamphetamine are the same type of drug overall. How do you think it stimulates brains with adhd. I was prescribed different forms of it for several years as medication for adhd. I stopped taking it when I was 13 cause it would mess up my sleep, and appetite.


It isn't exactly the same. It is amphetamine salts, but not meth. It is not a street drug, manufactured by household chemicals with harmful byproducts. I believe it can help with add and adhd, however people should be careful of course, and not abuse it.


Adderall, like meth, is a CNS stimulant. 

Unlike meth, it lacks the additional R-group that makes it an intense euphorigenic (like cocaine). They are not EXACTLY the same by a long shot.



Yes, Adderall which is used to treat ADHD and narcolepsy is very similar to Crystal Meth, and Morphine is very similar to Heroin and Methadone, and Coumadin is very similar to Rat Poison... The point here is why are some legal and others not if they are the same thing? Pharmaceutical companies make the decisions for us...


Adderall is not the same as Meth. Meth is a neurotoxin, that actually kills receptors, while Adderall is not. Do your research. Not the same drug. Note for the kicker. Methamphetamine is still legally available in the US by prescription, although it is rarely prescribed


I was never prescribed Adderall but I used it daily in massive doses for quite some time. I once took 800mg, thought I was gonna have a heart attack. Anyways, from what I've seen, Meth addicts lose interest in life, screw over anyone and everyone to stay high and are up for days at a time. They look like hell after prolonged use and usually don't survive if they continue that lifestyle...I've never seen that happen with Adderall users.


It's basically legal meth, but it does help ppl. Not everyone that takes it, is doing so to get high Tho. It's cleaner than Meth is, and I've seen positive effects of friends of mine with adhd. We take pain killers with opiates in it, I don't seen it as much different than that.


ot again... Adderal was created because meth had abuse potential. The problem is Adderall has more negative side effects for people than Desoxyn (which is pharmaceutical methamphetamine). To say its the same would be like saying all marijuana is the same. Or all antidepressants are the same. Or all blood pressure medications are the same.


Meth is bad but that picture is ice. They are different. Both suck but one heats your body up. One heats your brain up. Unfortunately I know drugs. And yes Adderall is a form of meth. It's a stimulate. I get why Adderall is needed. It slows me down. Meth and ice dose the same. I'm that 3% that just stopped. 8 years clean.


The methyl group in methamphetamine causes the release of a hormone that causes premature ageing, causes your teeth to fall out, etc. On a scientific level that's significantly different


Adderall doesn't make a user paranoid like meth does!! Adderall is also not made with household items and a gas that if inhaled could kill you! The 2 substances may resemble each other in their effect on a user but adderall doesn't make you do dumb shit like stealing or hiding in your house because you think people are after you!! I feel bad for anyone who believes this dumbass! College professor and neuroscientist doesn't mean he knows more than everyone else. I guarantee a meth addict could probably give you better info on this topic. It's kinda why doctors have a "practice". Doctors practice medicine, they don't know medicine! Comparing Meth to Adderall is just stupid. Yes I used both in my 20's and I know for a fact that they are completely different. Adderall is SO much safer.


Very similar but not exactly the same. To my knowledge, street heroin & morphine are also two closely related substances with very similar effects. One is legal in hospital or pain management settings, the other is not.

Im not exactly sure what Dr Harts point is when he compares adderal to crystal meth though. Is he a pro drug advocate?? Or is he just another crusader doctor who thinks both drugs should be illegal since they both have similar effects & possibly dangerous side effects??


People, don't be so literal. It doesn't mean they are exactly the same, it means it does the same thing and has the same side effects. You'd probably have to take more adderall to get the same high as a smaller amount of meth but it's still the same. Like prescription opioids. You start popping pills for recreational reasons or an actual injury, you need more and more and then graduate to the straight stuff, heroin. Same thing.

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