Do you need a prescription to buy memantine online? Also I've heard it helps with tolerance to opiods. How do you recommend taking it? How long before you notice it's effects?
I broke my back in 2 places a year ago saving a woman's life who was choking and take tianeptine for pain relief. I'm interested in memantine for the opiod tolerance benefits. Can I take memantine and tia at the same time. Will memantine potentiate the effects of opiods.
.And I'm aware of the cautions and warnings of taking tianeptine in high doses..but truth be told, TIANEPTINE is fantastic for pain relief, and I'm speaking from experience and I've tried them all../Percecets,Vicodin,oxys,morphine,dilladiuan and just for pain relieving effects alone I prefer tianeptine...cause I could make a case for other benefits of choosing tianeptine over the aforementioned narcotic medicines, such as cost, withdrawls etc.
Please don't see me advocating using tia as a pain relief I'm only speaking from experience, I was working for a company, missed the dateline to enroll in health benefits so I didn't have any and broke my back performing the heimlich on a very obese woman who was choking to death, long story short, I was successful in dislodging the obstruction preventing her from breathing, but broke my back in 2 places doing so and they denied my claim and subsequently terminated me, so for myself the pain of breaking my back in 2 places was unbearable, tossing and turning at night, point is tianeptine saved my ass..

Prescription not needed, it's not prescribed much in US I don't think. It takes several weeks of titrating up til you can get the full effect. Approx a month in you can up dosage to what's comfortable. I have bulk powder that I had synthesized. I can't comment on most of this. I don't have a lot of opiate exp. Mem and tia actually are run together by many people. but taking tia at the doses you're probably taking to get the opiate effect is not good!! I take kratom for pain, Agmatine and Memantine only helped for so long prevent tolerance to Kratom. After awhile you just have to take a break

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