I want to try 5htp with possibly l-tyrosine for depression and brain fog. But i am not sure how much of each i would need. Can anyone give me an idea. Cheers.
300mg 5-htp in 3 100mg doses. And I would go with centrophenoxine for clarity works wonders for me.
200mg time release 5-htp with breakfast and lunch.
750mg to 2.5grams n-acetyl-tyrosine with orange juice for absorption.

Sometimes I take 7g NAT but work up to thay
I don't take 5-HTP every day. I only take it when I get a sudden bout of intense depression which culminates in suicidal thoughts. I usually only take one 50mg pill. That usually does the trick. If not then I take another one. It says on the bottle not to take more than 100mg, but maybe it is safe to take more? I'm not sure, but you'll need to research that.
I'd shoot for 500MG of L-Tyrosine, and 200MG of 5HTP.

And I love how you're going to take them together. They actually compete for uptake in the brain, so it's better that you take them together to prevent one of them out-competing the other, and to prevent a possible deficiency in Serotonin.

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