Anybody have any experience with CRL-40-940? How does it compare to other afinils?

 Excellent. Get it. Don't use it often or you'll have histamine issue. Wish I could compare to the others, but no experience.


Modafinil I bought from NeoModafinil worked amazing (in comparison to flmodafinil) pretty much the entire day. I was productive at work, on my feet all day. I could think straight and more clearly. I was unstoppable! I thought I felt a headache coming on but it passed. Suppresses appetite for sure. Fast forward to night time which btw I was wide awake driving home my body was tired but my brain was still UP. Finally lay down and it was the worst just trying to shut my brain off. I had way more hypnagogic hallucinations and so many vivid dreams. It was like the modafinil did its job but as soon as my body was at rest I felt a million things going in my brain. Major downfall for me when I'm ready to go to sleep 


 It's cheaper, doesn't last quite as long and gives me fewer side effects. I use it once a week. Much better than the artvigil I would get from India


 I tried CRL-40-940 and modalert (modafinil), I didn’t see much difference but I don’t get much wakefulness benefit. Mundane tasks like laundry and junk are more easily done than with AMPH however cause I don’t get over-focused into something else. Combined with an AMPH makes me want to take a good nap however.


 I prefer it over modafinil and adrafinil by far. Feels more dopaminergic and less harsh in terms of adrenergic sides like loss of appetite, overstimulation etc. 


Flmodafinil is likely the only finil that will work for me because my liver genetics make me a very slow metaboliser of the others and I need 3 times the dose to notice anything.

However, the CRL i salready active post liver metabolism so no problem


 CRL-40-940 the best I've found. New mMind is the best and consistent quality. When my Adderall is scarce, this is the next best thing


 I took it before a counselor meeting because I had been up all night. Took about 150mg it made me manicy and share shit I normally wouldn't share. Pretty sure she thought I was on a harder drug or something because the next time I went into see my psyciatrist which my counselor takes notes for I was hit with a drug test.


Started this morning by getting out of bed opening my mail. Oh a package from the lab, 200mg down the hatch together with some coffee. After about 30 minutes I noticed 'something' while sitting down responding to e-mails. I have done lots of stimulants in the past, so I could categorize the feeling into being very mildly stimulated. Body temperature went up, hunger went down and I have been laser focused all day. However I think a problem is my old substance abuse, it felt like my brain started looking for "something more" if anyone know what I mean? A little bit of dissatisfaction. Anyway, energy and focus has been 100% from morning to afternoon, never a "ah shit I'll do it later" but it's been all just-do-it. I can see this substance work wonders for most people. Personally, I will avoid it but that is only because that missing-something feel coming from my brain wanting to get a kick.

I'm a entrepreneur at heart so my "work" is rather chaotic. I switch between my music business producing stuff and e-mailing clients, coding a bit on my new nootropics shop, do some accounting whilst watching Star Trek, lay down a bit from too much nicotine. I've got ADD. SO! I can only write a messy report like this :)


Crl 40 941 is the strongest of the wakefulness prompting agents. It also causes more euphoria than the others in that specific category. It’s actually a very good nootropic

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