So I was taking high doses of Tianeptine for over a year. 50-200mg doses, a couple of times a day. Every day.

I lost my bag which had my jar of Tianeptine. So, no tianeptine. Didn't think it was worth spending a crazy amount for fast shipping. I went the weekend without it, and I dreaded today where I would have to go in to work for the first time in a long time completely sober (well, besides coffee).

Hey, It wasn't bad at all. No anxiety anywhere. Actually, seems like LESS anxiety than when I was dosing.

By the end of each work day on Tianeptine, I found that my mood would drop off. Since taking tianeptine was such a routine, I started to believe that It was just "normal" for me to feel not so good in the afternoon. Nope, I feel pretty good and my mood is consistent.

I've heard horror stories of tianeptine withdrawals. I was even taking big doses for the "opiate effect". Where the withdrawals at? I feel alright. Is everyone's experience just different or what?

What is everyones experience with tianeptine in here in general? Anyone with a similar experience?

I think I'll still place another order, but relax with my dosing. I don't think I need it. It's just nice to have sometimes.

addiction can work in subjective ways. i have gotten away for years taken certain addictive compounds until i believed i was immune but after a certain time finally succumed to it. however some people became addicted to certain compounds within a single month with long lasting withdrawals which took me years to fall face first after no suffering. yes. it can be subjective. there are even some people who almost never get hungover for another example no matter how much they drink... unfortunately in due time... 99% of all will fall in line with whatever it is they had initially buffered more than most people. perhaps you should have just been snorting heroin fo a year and just quit. who knows?

 I have used it for neuropathic pain during the height of diabetic neuropathy several years ago. It is unique among the tricyclic antidepressants, having a much larger effective dose to LD50 ratio than any of the others. It's action is also unique. However it does weakly bind opioid receptors and can cause dependency in some people. I used for nearly a year and did not experience any withdrawal symptoms what so ever but your results may vary. There are people who have died of overdoses but these are people who use a gram or more to get high, 30x the recommended dosage. People also die from drinking too much Robotusin, or even too much water.

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