Anyone here tried Gotu Kola ? What were your experience?

I like it a lot, good for memory, mood (I felt it like a dopaminergic :s) and a relaxing feeling (no anxiety, relaxed body, increased focus). Good for collagen also, skin looks better, however there are some concerns about some toxicity to the sperm and sertoli cells, there is one study about that, thats why I suspended the use until more research is done


Gotu Kola has been my first nootropic supplement ever. Since childhood, I have been fairly creative & intelligent but had always struggled with ADHD, EFD (executive function deficit) & dyslexia. After several unsuccessful treatment options, I moved to herbal stuff & that's when I came across Gotu Kola. In the Indian herbology (ayurveda), it's called Brahmi & is said to promote mental clarity, concentration & focus. For me, it has mild tranquilizing effects. IMO, not a cure for ADHD/EFD but helps with meditation & introspection. I believe it may be also helpful for anger management (not my issue), self awareness & self control. 


 I use it among a number of other herbs. I can't use meds anymore, so this is it till I pass. I do far better using herbs than when I was on Provigil/Nuvigil. The first two years on meds were good but after that I started to have more problems from the meds. I actually developed worse N & C on meds.


So far Gotu Kola seems to be a decent sedative, good to induce sleep, would point to some kind of gaba action. As far cognitive enhancement don't seem to find any. Another curious effect is dream recall improved (after taking before sleep) and almost had a lucid dream. I would like to sample an extract, or a quality certified source for a final appreciation.


You can feel it by the first dosage, increases memory, focus, neurogensis, dendrite growth clarity of Mind, puts you in a good mood, increases colagen and skin quality, good for varicose veins and wound healing. Is a nice herbs but its not so good for men :/ reduces sperm health and it could be toxic for the testicles. More research is needed for detecting the cause of that, one of the hypothesis is that the toxicity depends of type extraction method. Is so frustrating that a something so good has that ugly sides.

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