Has anyone tried Modafinil (provigil)? Was your experience good or bad?

awesome motivation, feel-good positive perspective, my fatigue totally gone, all ADHD problems gone , everything I enjoy I enjoy and am better at it plus stuff that annoys me (cleaning the house for ex) I just do, simple as that, no overthinkin , seems so easy..

It makes me a better me. More focused, motivated, alert, mood-most, more sociable, foreign languages I generally speak well on modafinil I speak as an expert.. I prefer modafinil (Modalert) to be precise (and I've tried all of the brands) over armodafinil- personal preference. 

Never had any I'll effect, headache or anything- only loosing a bit of apetite which came great to me. M

I use it often, sometimes couple of days in a row, then weekend break, sometimes 2 a week, sometimes none , but it's always around ..which reminds me, I need to order lol


Just don't take it every day like I was doing. The first few days, I felt extremely focused and also hypomanic with only 100mg. Over 2 months, I got up to 400mg daily which was 2 pills throughout the day. It lost its effect after a few weeks. I tried Armodafinil a mK that after I quit Modafinil, but it has little effect for me. It feels like 2 cups of coffee lasting the whole day when I am used to 3 to 4 cups of coffee.


When I was taking Modafinil I worked really hard to not need much and would take small amounts before I'd need to use it. I hate medicine.... and through all the trials and hating all of them and only minimally hating provigil I just didn't want to depend on it. I have a car and can drive so nap therapy 2-15 minute naps and a nap during lunch worked well mixed with coffee in the morning and 100mg of provigil in the afternoon when I needed it. I would also smoke marijuana once or twice a week at night to sleep instead of xyrem because xyrem terrifies me and thc would actually put me into a deep sleep for longer than 4 hours. I worked with a naturopath(actual doctor who specializes in natural prevention based medicine. Not a random certified "naturalist".) The naturopath helped me go from anti-depressants to a personalized dose of St. John's wart to prevent cataplexy without the annoying numbness I got with SSRI's. I excercise daily at home because I literally pass out on my yoga mat when I'm done.(excercise is probably one of the best things I've incorporated and with nap therapy has helped my cataplexy so much). I also felt best eating vegan but instead now mostly eat vegetarian and consume meat at night. Something about eating heavy meals during the day makes me so tired and way less productive. 

I know that was a lot... I'm just not used to someone caring and understanding about the struggle to personalize and make things work with your medicine and lifestyle!


I had to kid a little bit for some reason maybe it's the kratom. I started with Provigil and then switch to Nuvigil and now they want $1,600 a month under my medicare. Buying from India now Sun pharmacies. I get 200 mg pills and break them into and take 100 mg every morning work days with coffee.


Modafinil is a stimulant. If one were smart, they would use any combination of stimulants 2x a week or less to avoid tolerance and side effects. Consuming sufficient minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients along with high protein, fat and low carb diet would maximize sensitivity to euphoric/motivational mesolimbic reward pathways induced by stimulants and low doses of other recreational drugs. Someone with an average diet & typical sedentary lifestyle who decides to take a strong eugeroic and mild stimulant like modafinil for 21 days (long enough for significant tolerance/side effects) and experiences a certain side effect is no surprise. There are milder forms of biohacking to induce wakefulness - start with ending a shower with cold water - especially on the upper chest and back to stimulate brown fat. Then research adaptogens - rhodiola, siberian ginseng, schizandra berries. And also MAOI's like Selegiline, Rasagiline, Moclobemide, Syrian rue... Green/white vein Kratom is good too. Cycle through many different wakefulness promoting effects to avoid tolerance


Wow! Modafinil didn't even make me slightly functional so if I were a student it wouldn't have given me an edge on other students at all. Maybe it would have allowed me not to drool on my tests!


Im finding that modafinil not putting me into the "normal" spectrum the way i thought it would. I am still not functional the way a "normal" human would be. It pisses me off so much! I would agree it must give average people an edge. If it can lift a little brain fog in us, it must help in some way.


Yeah when I was on modafinil I was annoyed by the "rock star" mentality. I mean yeah if nothing is wrong with you and you take it it's going to make someone perform better (possibly). But we're just trying to reach normalcy here- we want to be awake so we can keep our jobs. It's like handing a jet powered hover board to someone who is in a hole so they can get out of the hole vs. handing it to someone who isn't in a hole and they can just fly off with it. Lol ok that's a totally stupid illustration that is making me laugh at myself but whatevs. It's like someone who says "well yeah we all want to not have to go to work and still get paid." Yeah but do you want the disability that goes with that? No!!!!!!!


To all you people out there taking Modafinil that do not have a medical condition thinking it is a smart drug and it makes you smart...no, really it doesn't make you smart. It just highlights your ignorance and laziness. Great, It may keep you awake and focused because you couldn't be bothered to stop partying and study. Now stop and consider those with chronic conditions like narcolepsy, Kleine-Levin syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome and other sleep related disorders who need this drug to help them function on a daily basis and lead something remotely close to a normal life. I am currently unable to get this drug in the UK (which is unlicensed for use in under 18's and in theory, is only available through a consultant prescription, not a GP prescription) and pay in excess of €200 to have it sourced from outside the U.K. (Consultant prescription, not dodgy internet website) to help my daughter function. She is an amazingly talented girl who, although flying high, would be orbiting the Earth if her medical condition wasn't prohibiting her. Get a grip, stop demanding a prescription for this drug to cover your lazy backsides if you don't need it because you are cutting off the supply to those that genuinely need it.


I'm on modafinil now 200mg I take two twice day along with my migraine medicine. I've taking modafinil since march of last yr and too be honest I was seeing improvements but lately I've been constantly sleeping more,tried , fatigue and can't forget my mood swings. It's becoming a lot harder for me to work or even perform my day to day duties.


I use it a few times a month. I have great results taking only 50mg & have read that some others like the lower doses as well. I break my 200mg pills in quarters. Take it early in the day unless you're a night owl. It makes me even more asocial but I don't think that's common. I use it to get shit done at home.


I have mixed feelings about it. Definitely not an everyday thing. 100mg BID works better for me than 200mg all at once. Synergistic with caffeine. I get MASSIVE headaches unless I take choline with it. Either 3 eggs or a cap of Alpha-GPC is what works for me.


I use it regularly, but tolerance seems to build quickly. Also consider armodafinil, although I seem to prefer the modafinil, perhaps because of it's shorter duration. I try to keep both on hand


Modafinil reminds me of some kind of speed-light amphetamine without the evil side effects of its unrelated chemical cousin.. (lsd afterglow and modafnil together was amazing. I consider myself smart but modafnil made me EXTRA smart because i could engage in the moment with a driving kind of mentality that is different to amphet, coke, 3fpm etc...I tried today to convince a dr that i need it as im also studying and it is prescribed as a legit study aid study aid and she looked at me like i was a scumbag drug seeker which im not at all. I will try another dr but they are all assholes.


I took Provigil for 7 years and loved it. I didn't like the generic though. It seemed to be less effective. The only side effect I had was a headache for the first few days. Don't drink coffee with it or you'll be a nervous wreck


 I had really severe side effects when I switched from Dex to Modafinil. I could barely function - bad headaches, nauseated, throwing up, etc. I couldn't go to work for 4 days. After that, I called my doc and asked to please go back on to Dex and I've been on that ever since. Apparently, my reaction was on the really bad side. Some people don't get those symptoms at all.


 I currently take provigil and have been in it since 2013 when I was diagnosed. I have a really hard time waking up still but once I take it I'm good for the day. Some days, like today, it doesn't work at all. I think taking it at the same time every day plays a huge role in its effectiveness personally. When I started I was only taking 150mg but that quickly changed to 250 which then quickly changed to 400 mg a day


I've been on modafinil for about 1.5 years when I first got diagnosed. Only taking 100mg but I saw a major improvement in my sleep patterns and I can tell the difference on the days I don't take it. However I am starting to nap more and have an appt with my doctor next month to see if I might need an increase. I never had any side effects either


I also tried it as part of my early treatment but the side effects were too much for me to handle/manage effectively. Although everyone's different and react differently and have benefited from using it.


I take Provigil and adderall . Works great. Only side effect I have is Restless Leg Syndrome. But I had it before Provigil.


Moda works really well for some people. I was on it for 1 month, I didn't notice any benefits really and I couldn't tolerate it. Stayed on it for as long as I could, adverse effects became too much to handle - My skin turned dry, had lots of hair loss, could hardly run a brush through my hair smoothly, hurt a lot where my liver is. I've got a bunch of other health issues it turns out so could've had something to do with that.


200 mg every morning keeps me awake enough to function. I still take a few naps throughout the day but I have control over when and where I nap instead of involuntary napping. I've been on it since May 2009. Be cautious of taking for extended periods of time though. After 5 years it led to some very mild adrenal fatigue during stress reactions (I mean very very mild, but present nonetheless), but it's worth the benefit so I don't mind. Everyone reacts differently. 

Another benefit I've found on provigil is that it somewhat sped up my cognitive processing speed and made me more aware of my environment, so it's been a key component in teaching myself some biofeedback techniques in combating cataplexy.


I've been taking it for 11 years. I don't have cataplexy. It works well for me, although they have to slide my dose back and forth from 200 mg, 300 mg and 400 mg.. Tried Nuvigil and it didn't work well for me- more tired. I can't remember when I first started if I needed to take it for a week or two for it to kick in. Everyone is different though. It seems to be trial and error to find the right med(s).


I'm supposed to take 200 mg a day, but don't like the feeling of being so hyper, so I normally take 100 mg. when I told my consultant he laughed and said I was on a girls dose. Wasn't sure if he was being sexist or suggesting that women need less than men. I can't imagine what 400 mg (as some say they take) feels like.


 I say this for all meds but especially this one but only because I personally had a bad experience. I've heard a lot of good things too...

Have someone you trust coached to talk to you about personality changes. I had a lot of anger and depression on this. It drastically changed my personality


 When I tried it, it lessened the effects of my learning disability. I wanted to write constantly. It was great! Then when it wore off, it did so with a crash. I suddenly felt like I lost about 15 IQ points. 

I wish I could afford it. Maybe I could finally finish writing my book! 


Been taking modafinil  for 9 months and starting the process to change to Xyrem. First couple months were decent. More awake, more energy, side effects of headaches, but that was it. Now I just feel like it's not working as well. I am awake, but not able to focus easily most days and less energy. My thoughts are, we are just masking the fatigue, but our body still feels it. Hoping Xyrem will help with my foggy brain. Also feeling some depression, but nothing too bad.


 I tried it for several days, mild headache on day 2 and horrendous headache on day 3. I discontinued taking it and switched to generic adderall xr. I will take modafinil for one day over the weekends to take a break from my adderall but I can't take it for two days in a row.


 Whenever starting new medications, always ensure that the people closest to you know to watch/look out for any personality or mood changes (as they can be hard to pick up on if no one lets you know)

My experience with modafinil was awesome. I did have some side effects but pros weighed out the cons for me. Cons: appetite non existent/eating anything made me nauseous, I was a smoker and modafinil made me want to chain smoke haha - pros - awake for the first time in years, concentration was WAY up and could enjoy things I loved again (reading, drawing), I was also just happier because I wasn't drudging through life like a zombie. I think it also helped regulate my night time sleeps (maybe because my body now registered as awake during the day time maybe it helped my brain recognize night time was for sleep?) I'd wake up in mornings on my own account and feeling rested. I took a 100mg dose at 7am and a 200mg dose at 10/1030 and would keep me awake until about 10pm and then I'd crash


I have been on it for almost a yera and have had huge benefit as far as able to stay awake for most of day---still very hard to get oput of bed but if i take it atleast an hour or more before I need to crawal out of bed it does make it possible for me to accomplish "getting up"---I did have some classis side effects which I do not want to "put in your head"--ended up cutting doage down


 I was looking forward to taking it, but it had the total opposite affect on me. I could not stay awake at all. It made me fall asleep right away. and for hours at a time. I could not find many ppl with this issue. My doctor had not heard of anyone experiencing this, but he believed me. I asked the doctor if I should take it to help me sleep as it worked great putting me to sleep. He said no. It was very weird how it put me to sleep. I am now on Adderall and it is working well for me.


Nuvigil worked better for me, I have been on it for almost 5 years (increasing dosage as needed with dr. supervision, but still works great). A few years back insurance made me try Provigil. It worked like a dream for about a week and then didn't work at all. I have heard all sorts of stories from people about what works for them. I say give it a try, you never know!


I must admit that I'm currently on the fence about it and my opinion on it is gradually changing - what I'm basing that on is mainly it's mode of action. I've personally had some quite unpleasant experiences with stimulants which are wakefulness increasers, yet Modafinil is a wakefulness promoter: it promotes wakefulness when you want to be awake yet allows you to sleep when you want to sleep, so it omits the sleeplessness side effects characteristic of things like Aderrall, Ritalin and Concerta (and even caffeine). The mode of action of Modafinil is not entirely understood even my medical scientists and pharmacologists and chemists (according to an article I read only a month or so ago). So it --probably-- will not give you any side effects although it is a synthetic pharmacological substance so I wouldn't be taking it long term - a safe guide would be 3-6 months max, just while your getting your sleeping pattern turned around (IF that is the issue). Otherwise, it generally does not do --much-- beyond wake you up to a functional level of alertness. For any enhancements beyond that, you'd want to target cerebral vasodilation for working memory enhancements with things like Huperzine, Vincopetine, Bacopa and CoQ10. And beyond that, you'd want to actually acquire some cognitive skills (no nootropic will replace those adequately - yes this does need to be said 


I take it for my narcolpesy, for me it does work but for 2-3hours. Issue with it is that for some people like me,if you take it for 2-3days in a row you get a headache, so then i need to use this supplement i forgot the name of... i do know people that have take it for 7 years straight with not having any side effects and any tolerance build up to it weirdly, but also have narcolepsy so i don't know whether that should be taken into account. I don't take modafinil anymore because as simon said, not much is know and any drugs for a prelong period with have negative effects overtime, but i do take it when i have exams or assessments i need to do overnight. But I do take supplements throughout my week (mostly all natural)


 I first started taking Provigil in 2005. It worked great. No side effects. Despite the fact that I had undiagnosed obstructive sleep apnea I feel I was able to work 3 more years until my health completely broke down in 2008. When I lost my job and insurance, I couldn't afford it until my disability and medicare came through in 2011. I've tried it a couple of times since then, but since they force me to get generic the side effects are just not worth it, and it doesn't seem to keep me as alert as it used to. In fact it makes me sleepy, but then so did Adderall.


 Just finishing week 3 of 200mgs modafinil, 1x daily in the AM. 

I had headaches daily the first 2 weeks, felt naseuous 1 day, felt jittery for a few days, and have to make myself eat. I take the pill at 8am daily. I try to exercise at 5am but the last three weeks I've failed miserably at working out. On the few days I've worked out, I felt really jittery afterward and sick ... and I hadn't taken my daily dose of modadinil. 

I am not thrilled about taking a med daily or the side effects (which I think mine are minor) BUT I am awake! I am engaged at work, engaged in activities with my kids, engaged in conversations, etc. Tonight, my husband commented favorably about me being awake and not passed out sleeping once my feet stop moving. And, I feel safe driving. I had a sleep attack on the highway at 70mph with my son in the car - talk about a reality check. I understand not wanting to take a pill daily, but for me, three weeks in, I have experienced the benefit. While I think my dose my be a bit high, I'm going to stick with rhis and talk it through


I just started taking Modafinil 200mg every morning. I have found it really ineffective and it has actually made me more tired. I also feel extremely disoriented and forgetful. I went through hell trying to get my insurance company to approve it, but now I am feeling that I should probably look into something else.


 I've been in modafinol for 15-ish years. No side effects ever, but I've questioned its effectiveness. Sometimes I "forget" to take on days I don't work or have anything on the go. Currently I am pregnant so I am not on any meds but I am feeling I don't really want to take this one again but it's hard to convince my dr of this. Hope this helps!


Modafinil is first line treatment in the Uk. Been on it 17 years, hated it at first due to headaches & weight loss so only took it intermittently for the first 4-5 years. 100mg is a very low dose, I take 400mg everyday. If I take 200mg I seem to get more side effects & for very little wakefulness. I'd like to try Xyrem but with only very mild cataplexy I can't get that prescribed.


I just stopped taking modafinil a couple of months ago and went back on to adderall. The side effects weren't nearly worth the few benefits that the medicine provided. It wreaked havoc on everything from sex life to memory. I'd never feared so much for my sanity as I did while taking either provigil or nuvigil. I'm just shy of 30 years old and had constant amnesia like memory issues. Advice is tough as everyone is different, but if I have any it'd be that life and our well being are far too precious too be settling for uncomfortable side effects. Adderall seems to be really effective for me, though something as simple as moderation and control of it can turn into a struggle if I ever lose sight of their importance


Modafinil and nuvigil were both awful for me, both made my heart slow way down to the point where I could hardly feel it, then speed up way too fast. Ended up on Ritalin which keeps me awake physically but I'm always yearning for a medicine that wakes me up mentally AND physically 


I used modafinil more than one time. At the last time I buy it at the official pharmacy for 110 Euro 30 pills ( very expensive). So, If I should get 600 to 800 mg dosage I start to felt it but with dosage less than 600 mg I don' t feel nothing. But after I start to feel it, start from 600/800mg as I told above, I perceive an strong stimulant effect, but I don' t like it because for me is an anti-creative smart drug , obviously because was created for narcolepsy not for other aim. I read that there are some people that don' t felt about nothing from modafinil if they don' t use an very high dosage

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