Anyone have thoughts on using quaila with piracetam and/or adrafinil ?
I've never tried Qualia but I thought the reason why it's so expensive is that it contains everything you need. I would try it first and then see if you need piracetam and adrafinil. My philosophy is not to take anything that I don't need. That is why I don't take Qualia, I think that it has way too many things in there.

Just checked the ingredients. Qualia has Noopept, which is basically the same as piracetam. I doubt that you will need to take both.
My experience:
All I can say is that it works! I have posted a review on redditI am talking about Qualia only, without piracetam or adrafinil. Day 3 for me. Life changer. Focus, drive, calm, centered, positive mood. I've gotten into some deep meditations in the morning. Basically anything you put your mind to, it feels easier and flows moreso than I ever remember. I couldn't even meditate 3 days ago. Also had tough time at work. No caffeine/b12/energy high followed by a crash. No jitters. Just pure contentment and sharpness. Qualia can't be placebo. I've taken other supplement pills and had no effect. This was immediate effect about 20 min after first dose.

I took my first dose this morning. Step One at 630 after breathing exercises and before my cold shower. Then took the step two at around 7/730 after I ate breakfast. I was already feeling it before I got to making breakfast, just 20-30min after step one. It's now just about noon and Im still on cloud 9. First of all, a definite mood boost, really happy to be kicking. Secondly, great energy, I feel like I could go owrk out real heavy, or dive deep into some heavy research. I'm not 'amped up' but I feel willing to do whatever I focus on doing. Overall, this is pretty revolutionary for me. I have been kind of low energy lately and not focused or interested. Today at 650am I was practicing guitar, then reading a chapter in a book before I even had breakfa

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