Went to see a psychiatrist. I started taking Wellbutrin 150 mg now then 300 mg and lamictal titrating. I thought it would be a cure all but I'm still slightly sluggish and sleepy. The psychiatrist said she def didn't like adderall that it was just a cleaner form of meth. Has anyone had any experience with Wellbutrin or lamictal?
Let me say I was just now diagnosed with bipolar due to adderall caused manic episode. So I've been off adderall for three weeks now. I was at first diagnosed with narcolepsy but had roller coaster ride effects so that's why I went to psychiatrist.
I was on Lamictal for bipolar, it did nothing for sleep at all. Do you know why it was prescribed for narcolepsy? Welbutrin is a very very mild stimulant. It didn't help me stay awake, just gave me horrible anxiety like I wanted to crawl out of my skin. Since these are the meds I was on before being diagnosed with N it seems weird that this is what you're getting knowing you have N because all my docs said this was not adequate treatment for someone who has narcolepsy.
I was on Wellbutrin once. I started having terrible migraines every day. Doctors started running tests and treating me for tension headaches. Then I went to visit my sister, a doctor, and she said it was the Wellbutrin. I stopped taking it and the next day I was fine!
I was taking 300 mg of wellbutrin, 300 mg lamictal, 120 mg of cymbalta and adderall (an extremely high dose). After many years, the adderall stopped working and we couldn't increase anymore. You would be shocked if you knew the dose. I'm still on the wellbutrin, lamictal, and cymbalta, but we stopped the adderall and recently started desoxyn which is working better at a much lower dose. Of course desoxyn is brand name prescription methamphetamine.
Okay so went back to the endocrinologist she assured me that my thyroid is fine. So I started Wellbutrin (bipolar) and it does keep me awake all day. But I still get sleepy and take a nap. So im wondering if this means I still have narcolepsy and should do an adderal. I'm just confused.. If the sleep dr doesn't think it's narcolepsy but I'm on antidepressants and I'm still sleepy or sluggish. It's like I'm awake but I still can't get off the couch.
I would recommend sticking with any new med for a couple of weeks (unless dangerous side effects; in which case-talk to your doctor first). Most common side effects (drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach, etc) will gradually go away once your system is used to the med...& it also takes that long for most meds to display their full benefit.
...& about the Lamictal (wasn't sure by your post if you're still on it or not)...it is used for seizures, but it's also used in psychiatry as a mood stabilizer.
If you are new on Lamictal, make sure you call your doctor IMMEDIATELY if you develop a skin rash...can be a serious (but rare) side effect.
Also- antidepressants alone can sometimes cause a person with bipolar to "flip"...as in, they go to doctor during depressive episode, get treated with an antidepressant which flips them from depression to mania. This is why they add mood stabilizers (such as Lamictal) to your regimen.
The most important thing with treating any mental illness is medication compliance. People start feeling good and quit taking meds cause they think they don't need them anymore.
And don't get discouraged if you have to change meds a few times...its trial and error and sometimes it takes a while to find the combination that works well for you!

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