Does anyone have any experience with Ibutamoren (MK-677) for relieving insomnia and improving sleep quality (Slow-wave sleep)?
MK-677 does improve sleep quality, but I wouldn't use it to try and deal with insomnia - the improved sleep I think is a bit of a by-product of the improved healing/growth qualities as that's the time it mostly takes place

Definitely not intended as a treatment to insomnia though
I'd put it on a 50/50 for getting to sleep - it could make you drowsy and help you sleep, or it might make it worse and perk you up from having reduced levels due to sleep deprivation.

If you choose to experiment though, let us know!

Only thing I'd ever really recommend it for other than it's intended use in growth/repair though is potential treatment for stomach/gut issues like IBS
Igf levels def went up so it does work. Deeper sleep but for me 5-7 lbs of water retention. Used for a bit then stopped hated the water retention and upped blood pressure.
Took Ibutamoren / MK-677 for a couple weeks. I couldn't find a dosage that worked for me. Lethargy was crazy. About 12 hours after taking I got the worst, out-of-control hunger pains.
I took MK-677 for 45 days (25 mgs every day). while taking it I experienced: 1. an increase in lean body mass - verified by body fat measurement. 2. tingly arms and wrists (bordering on pain but not quite). 3. very vivid dreams and 4. broken plateau in my bench press & squat ...I didn't really notice any "miraculous" healing of my nagging shoulder injury and chronic lower back pain....but I will say the pain got easier to work maybe thats something. NOW..on to what changed my FREAKIN life..Its a good thing I don't know Patrick Goldberg in real life otherwise Id have to try my best to bear hug the man and rename my first born Patrick...this is because I ordered TB-500 and BPC 157 from him *after* running the MK-677......the peptide "stack" has me pain free from my lower back for the first time in 3 years. 3 YEARS of muscle relaxers and pain killers from my licensed doctor....and the peptides have me good to go in 8 days. I still feel a slight (very slight) twinge when I bend or stretch a certain way ...but the CONSTANT pain..sitting or standing is gone...oh and my shoulder is in the same boat...slight twinge...but no sharp pains when I reach across my body like before.
I've been taking MK-677 for little over three weeks .I had some before I got my order and ive definitely feel more lean.stuborn stomach fat decreased and just all out feel great.i sleep deeper.yes vivid dreams but that's actually cool.i have nothing bad to say bout it except why didn't they have Ibutamoren ten years ago.ty Patrick. it came in five days just an all out good experience with ordering taking and results
MK-677 legit no joke was taking 2 a day dropped it down to one its so strong the hunger is what I love the most let's put it this way In the past when I ran superdrol I could barely get down a meal now I can run 30mg of superdrol a day and plow through my food and still be starving so this just takes things to a whole new level for me
Amazing. 45% off this weekend (reddit). Increased recovery sleep hunger and lbm.
I really liked the weight gain and appetite increase and constantly looked like I had a pump BUT it made me sooo fucking tired all the redbull and coffee in the world couldn't keep me awake at fucked with my productivity too bad was even too tired to go to the gym so I don't fuck with it anymore. And I've tried dosing AM and nightime

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